Model Crush Monday| Rising Star Marjan Jonkman

by Charlotte Smith

Rising Star Marjan Jonkman

I started to notice Marjan Jonkman on the runway because of her tom boyish walk, for me a walk is everything and can make or break a model’s career. It’s funny because one of her favorite things to do is walk and discover new cities.  Our first personal run in was actually in a metro station in Paris.  The model was very polite and nice when I asked to take a picture for Snapchat, moments like these are strictly for Snapchat.

Rising Star Marjan Jonkman

I also find her to be an awkward beauty,this Dutch model has totally changed and grown up since her start at 19 years old. What I like about her is she is not your typical white girl.  She has that je ne sais quoi! When she starts to stomp down the runway watch, out this girl gives off the feeling she is going somewhere important  and not just to  the end of the runway.  I guess that is what Yves Saint Laurent designer Hedi Slimane, noticed about her too. She was chosen as the face for the brand major for her in her young career.  And if they made a movie about Courtney Love, my vote is for Marjan Jonkman to be cast as the rock star. It all started two years ago when she decided she wanted to so something different. The then history major did a test shoot for a friend when it all got her thinking.  Could Marjan Jonkman be model material?

Model Crush Monday| Rising Star Marjan Jonkman

About two years ago I did my first shoot , to help a girl with a school assignment.

010-- Milan - ss16 Max Mara, Marjan Jonkman, street

Her and her friend were on to something and she realized she could travel the world if she was a model.  With these photos she started to shop for a  modeling agency. Then luck was a lady and she got picked up by an agency in Amsterdam.  Then another agency in New York wanted her, when she had just started her studies in  European Language and Culture at the University of Groninge.

Rising Star Marjan JonkmanMarjan Jonkman, street

She decided to quit her studies and see what the modeling world had to offer. She has amazing before and after pictures, she went to New York as sweet girl dressed in H&M, and after she was transformed into a Rock Goddess. What a  makeover!  Now she was totally Heid’s tasted and was invited to personally meet the designer, when she was chosen to walk exclusively in the Paris show for him. This awkward beauty has to be one of my favorites rocking the runway.  Her look is original, and her walk is the signature for this rising star.




New York One Management

Paris New Madison

Milan MP Management

London Premier Model Management

Copenhagen Le Management

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Photos by Rudy de Monteiro


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