Model Crush Monday – New Face Asha Mohamud

by Nejilka

I organised a test shoot for new face Asha Mohamud from PRM Agency in London. Asha is the first model in PRM to sign as a hijab model. She is one of the most beautiful girls inside & out. She isn’t only a model but she also runs a recreational organization called Really Real for her community. Asha hopes to become a supermodel with a voice. The StyleCartel team is rooting for you! This makes Asha our Model Crush Monday.


Asha wears L.K Jewellery Dragon earring and Malan Breton coat.





Full Name: Asha Mohamud

Where from: West London

Ethnicity: Somali

Social Media: Just.Ashaa 

Mother Agency: PRM London

City Based In: London



Shot by: Pat Lyttle

Art Direction/Stylist: Nejilka

Producer: Charlotte Smith



 SC: What was your first memory of fashion?

AM: Watching America’s next top model as a kid and I tried to replicating everything I saw. I always wanted to become a supermodel with a reason. Tyra Banks has always been interested in diversity and breaking the norms in the fashion industry and being black and a successful woman in the modelling world meant that I had someone to look up to and motivate me!


Asha wears coat by  Malan Breton  and shoes by Hissa Haddad


SC: How were you discovered?

AM: I was thinking about signing to an agency since the beginning of the year (2018) but my family always had a negative idea of the fashion industry as there was never much modesty in the magazines, billboards, tv and other advertising agents. This meant that my parents thought that if I wanted to become a model I would have to compromise some of my morals and values which was never an option for me so I started looking for something which accommodates to my needs as a Muslim woman. In March the same year as I was just about giving up as no agency was getting back to me and I began doubting myself and my abilities. I was walking in my local shopping centre and a noticed a lady was staring at me, she approached me and I was blown away as I was at the lowest point and on the verge of giving up on my dreams because nothing was working for me. From there I became the first hijab wearing model at PRM. This proves you should neverrrr give up, always find different solutions for a problem even if it takes 15 years.


Asha wears Malan Breton Coat, 1X1 Studio Trousers and Hidden Fashion Boots.


SC: Snapchat or Instagram Stories?

AM: Instagram stories, since the updates on snapchat it’s never been the same. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m getting old but I simply can’t get my head around the concept anymore. Earlier this year I would’ve said snapchat a million per cent but I think I’ve lost the tech savviness of my youthful life 😩


Asha wears Malan Breton Coat and Corset.


SC: What is your must-have on the road beauty/tech product?

AM: Max Factor- Brow Shaper and their Lash Crown Mascara to define the individual hairs on my eyebrows! I always carry around an eyelash curler, concealer and lip gloss to finish off a natural but glamorous look. I also HAVE  to carry around a bottle of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo as a facial cleanser, to gently remove any makeup left on my face from a day of shooting! It’s actually a skin care life hack for me and would recommend everyone to use it, thank me later!


Asha wears Malan Breton Coat and Corset.


SC: What are you up when you’re not modelling?

AM: When I’m not modelling I’m running Really Real which is a community/youth organisation.  I decided to start the organisation because I grew up in a low-income area and I never had much to do on the weekend, no holidays and in general I never really had any hobbies as there was never anything for us to do. I come from a big family (Alhamdulillah).  Unfortunately, this meant I wouldn’t be able to go to sports or social clubs as they require a payment and my parents didn’t have money to send us all to the activities we wanted to do! This was my main motivator as I wanted to give the youth in my area a chance to get involved in activities and give them opportunities in which they usually wouldn’t have as well as educating ethnic parents in the problems faced by the youth. Including mental health awareness and free weekly football developmental sessions for kids aged 5-14. I also just started my first year of university studying Real Estate Management.


Asha wears Malan Breton Coat, 1X1 Studio Trousers and Hidden Fashion Boots.


SC: What are you grateful for?

AM: I’m grateful for the opportunities in life. Coming from Kenya and being the only from my mum’s siblings that managed to come to the UK. I’ve has so many opportunities (education, freedom of expression, health care etc) and chances which most people, unfortunately, don’t have. I’m also grateful for life experiences and having gone through some hard times in relation to self-esteem, mental health and general life problems which people may look at in a negative light. I appreciate that I’ve learnt to love and understand things which I may not agree with and learning to accept the ups and downs of life and finding appropriate, healthy and effective methods to deal with the stress and beauty of life!




Clothes courtesy of POP PR, thanks!

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