Model Crush Monday: Lucy May Hunt

by Nejilka
Model Crush Monday: Lucy May Hunt

 Lucy May Hunt is one to remember. We actually met a few months back. We both walked in Aalto S/S19 show! She has charisma, it’s hard not to talk to her.  Lucy is a young british upcoming model. Born & bred in the U.K, not your standard model. She’s only 5’8 but that hasn’t stopped her from stomping the runway. She isn’t only interested in fashion but also political, environmental issues, humanitary work and etc. Sh’es currently finishing up a degree in Political Geography with a minor in French. She’s done quite a few big things. Ranging from Kenzo Eyewear, Tommy Hilifger, etc. Lucy is so striking smile, her big gap teeth. Her spirit is so sweet and sensual. Finally got to have a quick chat with her, check out our interview below.

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Y so serious ?

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Full Name: Lucy May Hunt
Ethnicity: British
Social Media: @LucyMay.Hunt
Agencies: Mademoiselle Paris, Major Milan, Urbn Germany,
Mother: Savalas Models UK
City Based In: Paris

SC: How were you first discovered?

LMH: I never know what to say when people ask me this. There wasn’t one defining moment of being scouted! In my hometown, there’s a lady that works a coiuple times a year as a model scout. She was a childhood friend of my aunty.Classic family style when my aunty bumped into her and said ” ooh my niece could be a model”. I attended one of her modelling courses and absolutely LOVED it. I was doing small-time shows and shoots for a few years, roughly for the experience. I applied to a agency when I went to university. I started getting more work and experience. But it wasn’t until I got signed in Paris with Mademoiselle that I became a full-time, “real” model. Within two months of being signed with Mademoiselle, I got contracts for Milan and Germany. I still can’t believe how fast this happened. I’d say THAT was my big “discovery” moment. Shit’s crazy!

Photo by Salvatore Arnone MUA: Ophélie Crommar Hairstylist: Karine Walzack Stylist: Marie Revelut


SC: What has been your favourite modelling career moment so far?

LMH: I don’t think I’ll ever leave the phase of getting excited about jobs or big castings. Getting booked last minute for Kenzo was awesome. Also doing a show in the South of France ON A FREAKING ISLAND. But honestly I’m so proud of even just being requested, called back, or optioned by well-known clients. I’d say the moment I’m most proud of is simply being optioned for Dior beauty, no matter how silly that might sound.

SC: What is your signature feature?

LMH: My bleach blonde hair. Shame it’s snapping off 🙂
Before modelling I’d have said the gap in my teeth, but nobody seems to notice it for some reason ? 😀

Photo by Aleksandra Modrzejewska

SC: Do you have any hidden talents?

LMH: Not exactly, but being able to speak French as an English girl seems to impress people!
I also get very inventive with my poses. The weirder the better!

SC: What are your interests in general?

LMH: They don’t really go with the model or fashion life. I’m passionate about poverty, international politics, homelessness, economics, and environmental issues. When I get too old for modelling, I’m going to continue pursuing one or all of these. Half of me can’t wait to get back to the UK for my final year, I miss it.

Photo by Craig Michael Flemming Stylist Gemma Harris MUA Sophie King

SC: What is your favourite city to work in?

LMH:  PARIS, DARLING. I really want to work in Mexico, LA, and Tokyo next though. New York would be the dream, but it’s not my market.

SC: Snapchat or instagram stories?
LMH: Instagram for sure. I want to say Snapchat because I feel so bad for them! It was their idea first and now they’re suffering. But always Instagram.

Photo by Jessica-Rose Lena MUA Emilia Papadopoullos Stylist Lucy Hawksworth

SC: What is your favourite designer to work or walk for?
LMH: Even though my style is much more boyish (and thrifted), I’d have to say Chanel. Her story, the elegance is everything.

SC: How do you feel moving around so much for work?
LMH: I love it. Modelling is the BEST excuse to explore, not just different countries and cities, but within the city itself. What other reason could you possibly have for going to 5 random quartiers in one day?


SC: In what city would you settle?

LMH: The sensible idea would be London, but I’m not sure I like it.
The only place I can actually see myself living is the south of France, but there’s not exactly a market there.

Photo by Noémi Ottilia Szabo

SC: Runway or Commercial?

LMH: Runway 100%. Sadly I’m not tall enough for the majority of them. I do get the occasional show though, and I just love it – like how crazy backstage is compared to the professionalism of the catwalk, and having the whole audience focus on you for just a few seconds. Commercial can be boring and long, but I’m not going to complain!



xx, Nejilka

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