Model Crush Monday: New Face Char Leeuwin

by Nejilka
Model Crush Monday: New Face Char Leeuwin

Full Name: Charissa Dolores Leeuwin
Where from/background: I was born in Amsterdam but been partly raised in Brazil.
Ethnicity: Half Dutch & Half Surinamese
Social Media: @charleeuwin
Agencies: Paparazzi Amsterdam, Wilhelmina London
Mother: Paparazzi
City Based In: Amsterdam

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SC: How were you discovered?

Char: I was approached on instagram, not a very interesting story haha.

SC: What is your signature feature?

Char: I think my hair and the beauty marks on my cheek and forhead that seem to be perfectly aligned.

SC: What are your interests in general?

Char: I have a lot of interests but at this moment I’m very into spirituality and astrology.

SC: Which city would you explore next?

Char: I really want to go to Japan! It has been on the top of my list for a while.

SC: Skincare tips?

Char:Water!! A lot of water. And just washing your face in the morning and at night. But what works for me might not work for everyone so just find out what works for you.

SC: What’s the story behind your tattoos?

Char: I have quite a few tattoos, but there’s two that mean a lot to me. So I have one on my shoulder with “mom”. It’s obviously for my mom. I’m kind of a mommy’s girl and she raised me mainly by herself. She definitely is my biggest inspiration. And the one with “Jane” inside the heart is for my dog that died a few years ago. They mixed her ashes inside the ink so that way she’s always with me! All my other tattoos are just beautiful. People usually think evey tattoo needs to have a meaning but I just see it as art that I put on my body.

SC: Do you believe in Aliens?

Char: Yes!! Well, not necessarily aliens but I definitely believe there are other entities out there. It’s kind of selfish to believe we are the only beings that exist!

SC: What does your family think about you modelling and travelling the world?

Char: My family supports me 100%. They know how hard I worked for it and as long as I’m happy they are too.

SC: What is your must have on the road beauty product?

Char: I never really use make up when I’m not working but I cant live without my lip balm. There is just something about having dry lips that really scares me lol.

SC: What do you think about fashion including all sizes/genders?

Char: I think it’s necessary but I dont see it enough yet! I feel like it is slowly changing. So we’re going in the right direction.

SC: What are you listening to right now?

Char: Solange her new album, it’s amazing!!



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