Model Crush Monday | Aweng Chuol

by Nejilka
Model Crush Monday | Aweng Chuol
New face Aweng Chuol is taking the world by storm. The busy gal finally had time to catch up with us. Aweng has very big potential to become a supermodel. The Vetements exclusive model was discovered in a local Mcdonald’s in Australia. Aweng is a vibrant girl, positive, intellectual and has really funny Instagram stories.  She is one of the few models studying law, psychology and modeling full time. She’s started her first season off with Vetements exclusive and then racked up MM6 in London. She has high hopes of being a CEO aka Boss Bitch, and build Orphanages. And she’s only 19! Aweng’s chocolate skin,  Scarface, black eyes make her our model crush Monday.
Full Name: Aweng Mayen Chuol
Where from/background: I am South Sudanese, born in Kenya, but Australian. So South Sudanese – Kenyan – Australian
Ethnicity: South Sudanese
Social Media: @awengofficial
Agency: Nevs (London), State (NYC), Metropolitan (Paris) , Independent (Milan) , Iconique (Australia) (MA) & NewIcon (Mexico) ,
Mother Agency: Iconique (Australia)
City Based In: New York City
SC: What was your first memory of fashion?
AC: My first ever memory of fashion was the iconic Jean Paul Gaultier S/S 13 show, The entire concept was mind blowing, it was a tribute to Grace Jones. And it was so amazing to see so many models of color walk on that show being almost duplicates of a legend.
SC: How were you discovered?
AC: I was first discovered when I was a mere sixteen years old while working at my local McDonald’s in Sydney, my mum didn’t want me to enter the industry at such a young age. When I turned 18, I was then discovered by my mother agent, through a friend of mine, who saw something in me.
SC: What has been your favorite modeling career moment so far?
AC: I have so many favorite moments, I can not pinpoint just one favorite moment. But some of my forever highlights would have to be my first ever exclusive, which was with Vetements, my shoot with Burberry that was a special for IB Kamara, my first ever campaign with Gentle Monster, and my first ever cover for Modern Weekly China. The list honestly goes on, I’m just very happy and content with the amazing people that I got to work for.


SC: What is your signature feature?
AC: I really don’t have one signature feature per se, my scars are the most prominent feature and the without a doubt my favorites.
SC: Snapchat or Instagram Stories?
AC: I was an absolute Snapchat fan until I started traveling a lot and lost all of my streaks. Now Instagram is the place to be.


SC: Who is your dream designer to walk or work for?
AC: My dream designer is honestly Yeezy, because Kanye has and always will be an icon to me. He is not only one of the most talented beings to ever walk the planet, but his egotistical ways draw me in.
SC: What is your must have on the road beauty product?
AC: My Fenty beauty shade 490 pro filter foundation and a lip balm.


SC: What are you up to when you’re not modeling?
AC: I am currently studying two degrees, one is politics / international relations & the other being Bachelors of psychology / Laws – with honors. So when I’m not on the road, shoots, fittings, walking the runway, you can find me in the corner of Starbucks studying or locked inside my room wondering what’s my next entrepreneur move. I like to keep myself busy, whether it would be by writing, drafting, reading, studying or building orphanages.
SC: Where do you see yourself in five years?
AC: In five years I see myself having graduated both my degrees, a CEO of four businesses one of them being a water company or an electrical power line that’s beyond to the ones we have right now. I see myself with my own television show & I would love to see myself listed as Model of the year.

MM6 AW18

SC: What is your Advice to aspiring models?
AC: Go for it. Don’t look back, if you want to do something. One should always go in headstrong. The modeling work has its amazing perks, but you also need to remember that it’s also a job & a career, in workforce’s you can get fired or someone can replace you in a blink of an eye. There’s no room for doubts.

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