Model Crush Monday: Atikah Karim

Model Crush Monday: Atikah Karim

by Nejilka

We caught up with gorgeous Malaysian model Atikah Karim. Atikah talks about her skin colour was a problem in the Malayasian market. But there was hope for her in America/Europe. She got scouted by her current MA and has been busy working in American/European Markets. She fits in like butter. She has been seen walking for Y Project, Lemaire, Koche, etc etc. You may have seen her on Topshop website, Jigsaw, or maybe Warehouse, etc. This is Atikah, a cool girl to watch. Aquarius and she’s rising to the top. Read her interview with StyleCartel below.

Full Name: Dg Nur Atikah Binti Karim

Where from/background: Kota Kinabalu sabah, Malaysia

Ethnicity: Bajau

Social Media: @tiksg

Agencies: One.1 – NY, M+P – London, Viva – Berlin, Metropolitan – Paris, IMM – Brussels, Book Manangement – Montreal

Mother: 3mmodels

City Based In: New York

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SC: How were you discovered?

Atikah: I joined a very small beauty pageant competition when I was 16. I didn’t won anything, back then in my hometown they only think if you’re fair you’re pretty. They didn’t appreciate my skin tone. So from there, I started to do the small jobs in my hometown Kota Kinabalu. I then, joined this competition that Ford Models organized in Malaysia. I won it, and then I was suppose to fly to New York to compete with other countries. Unfortunatley, in 2011 Ford Models was changing their orwnership and has cancelled it. After that happened, I just stayed in Malaysia and continued my studies. Then everything changed. 3MModels scouted me through my boyfriend that knows one of the scouters Valeska.


Atikah for Lemaire AW19

SC: What has been your favourite modelling career moment so far?

Atikah: Walking for Kenzo!! They casted all Asians.  And of course traveling around for jobs and staying in nice hotels! 🤗🤗

SC: Which city would you explore next?

Atikah: Barcelona, Spain !!!

Atikah for Orce Cosmetics

SC: Skincare tips?

Atikah: Sleep early and drink lots of water. It’s a must to remove make up and wash your face before going to sleep.


SC: What about relationships as a model? (Boyfriends, dating, friends etc)

Atikah: I’ve been with my model/photographer boyfriend for 5 years now Danny Lim ❤ .

He helped me a lot in the beginning of my career we’re Malaysian.  We living together in New York for 4 years now 🙂

Atikah & Danny Lim

SC: What is your favourite city to work in or worked?

Atikah: London!

SC: Who is your dream designer to walk or work for?

Atikah: I’d love to walk for Givenchy , Balenciaga and Prada.

Shot by Danny Lim

SC: Any music artists you recommend?

Atikah: Jonas Rathsman

Shot by Kathi Kauder Stylist Sigurd Grunberger Atikah Wearing Calvin Klein

SC: What do you think about fashion including all sizes/genders?

Atikah: I feel like everyone can be a model now.

SC: What is your day like? (Walk is through a day in your life)

Atikah: I’m a morning person. So if I have a job, I would wake up like 4 hours before my calltime. I’d make my tea, and eat my breakfast, shower then I’m off to work. Just right before I’m about to finish my work; I’ll try to make plans w my bf either to cook at home or eat out.

SC: What is currently you favourite wardrobe piece 🙂

Atikah: My 5€ blazer and my vintage Dior!

Atikah after Marineserre Official wearing her favourite vintage blazer, Shot by Melodie Jeng


SC: If you had an investor what would you invest your money in?

Atikah: Open a Malaysian restaurant! And of course buy a property and do Airbnb.

SC: What was your childhood like?

Atikah: I had a hard times while in high school. Honestly I got bullied by group of boys calling me mean words. I’m naturally skinny , emo kid and tall. I was dark in general but darker because back then I used to play Netball.  They called me “emo hitam / tiang hitam” which in english means black emo /skinny black pole. 

SC: How do you feel about moving around so much for work?

Atikah: I don’t like it. I like my work but to be honest living only with my luggage isn’t any fun at all.

Atikah for YProject AW19

Marineserre AW19



SC: In what city would you settle?

Atikah: Maybe in Europe!! I’m just not sure which part yet 🙂

SC: What are you listening to right now?

Atikah: Techno Deep House


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