by Nejilka

Full Name: Al Ly

Where from/background: born in New Zealand and grew up in Australia.

Ethnicity: My mum is Samoan, Chinese, and my dad is Irish

Social Media: @babygyalally

Agency: Anti-Agency

City Based In: London

SC: What was your first memory of fashion?

 Al Ly: Playing dress ups and my mum letting me dressing myself from a really early age. Also my mum and her Bestfriend getting me and her daughter matching outfits. I got us feeling like Paris & Nicole. We would always dress ourselves it was fab.

SC: How were you discovered?

Al Ly: I think it was when I was shooting for a massive commercial brand in 2017. I got a lot of coverage worldwide. But on the bad note, hey took advantage of my unsigned and inexperienced self. They paid me so much less than anyone else.  I didn’t even get paid a buy-out although I was everywhere. I was on the website, the tube, magazines, the evening standard, newspapers in Switzerland, the metro in Paris, probably and more places. Then,  I didn’t even know what rates and buyouts were back then. Luckily I’m with Anti Agency now and Najia and Lucy take great care of me.

SC: What has been your favourite modelling career moment so far?

Al Ly: My favourite by far  doing an editorial for Love Magazine. It came out recently. It was beautiful. Or maybe working with Art School from Fashion East, I love Eden and Tom so much..

SC: What was your childhood like?

Al Ly: So chilled, I grew up in both New Zealand and Australia so I was at the beach 24/7. I also lived in America and Canada for a little bit too. My parents really provided me a great child hood and life, I’m very grateful.

SC: What is your signature feature?

Al Ly: My whole self. I think I get hired not just for my looks or beauty, but my attitude, my personality, my morals and what I stand for. “Everything about me is my signature feature.”

Al Ly for Love Magazine

SC: Do you have any hidden talents?

Al Ly: I write poetry. Only for myself, and I don’t show anyone it. Except once I did at my friend James Massiah’s poetry night and he told me to keep writing so I have. It’s a way to clear my mind.

SC: What are your interests in general?

Al Ly: My interests honestly change so frequently because I am constantly being introduced to new things. Right now I’m really trying to focus on my career in djing and in modelling. Also eBay, I Fucking love eBay.


SC: Skincare tips?

Al Ly: My skin care routine is:
I wash my face every morning with a tea tree and aloe Vera face wash, then moisturise it with Nip + Fab’s Dragons Blood Fix Plumping Serum. Once dry I then use Sukin’s Hydrating most toner. I do the same before bed but use the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Capsule in Serum Supercharged Booster. I also will use coconut oil as an alternative at night to moisturise my face. I have also cut down a lot of particular things like gluten and my skin seems to be thriving off it. Also if your brave enough, using cum (yes as in a male’s cum) is really good for your skin too, it did my skin wonders!

SC: Do you watch the current season shows? If so, what do you think so far?

Al Ly: I prefer Men’s Fashion Week than Women’s. I watch the couture shows because they’re beautiful. I watch some amazing young designers in LFW who are or were a part of Fashion East like Mowa Lola, Art School, Asai Takeaway and Charles Jeffrey.  I watch some other shows too. But the big fashion houses especially in LFW seem to be quite predictable and uninovative with their casting and designs. Paris has amazing shows but of course would never have anyone over a size 0 model for them. So I watch a lot of New York’s Fashion Week because they actually cast people outside of a sample size. Instagram keeps you updated though with what’s going on obviously. I’m watching everything from there from the other cities and on Vogue.

SC: What is your ultimate goal as a model?

Al Ly: Influencing young women for the better, showing them there is more than 1 “type of beauty”, for plus models to be seen equal to sample size models. Most people are not sample size, I want plus models to be booking shows along side sample size models. I want people to feel comfortable and happy in their natural self, that your life matters and to be healthy. I also feel like the term body positivity gets thrown around too often and can be misconstrued. I don’t think it’s good when people are using “body positivity” to justify their unhealthy behaviour to their body. For me, I know I am big, but I’m also working our 4 or 5 days a week, eating a balanced diet and working. I see people using this term on themselves or other people who are not living a healthy lifestyle, I can’t condone that and don’t agree with it.

SC: Who is your dream designer to walk or work for?

Al Ly: I thought it would never be possible. But on International Women’s Day it was announced that Kimora Lee Simons will be relaunching BabyPhat! Everyone knows that is my shit! I have loved it since I was little and literally own so many BabyPhat clothing. I even got the logo tattooed on my back. I really hope I get the opportunity to model for them, would make my entire life! Also John Galliano when he was head at Dior,  if you know me you know my favourite brand is Dior. I’m a Dior whore. Everything about these 2 brands probably defines a lot of my style, it’s that unforgettable era they were created in, VERY me!

SC: Any music artists you recommend?

Al Ly: CITY GIRLS!!!!!

SC: What are you up to  when you’re not modeling?

Al Ly: I DJ and help run a brand called Dirty South with my friend Niki.

Dirty $outh Clothing

Dirty $outh Clothing

SC: What is your day like? 

Al Ly: Every day is sooo different I don’t have a regular schedule or a 9-5.  I’ll usually go gym, eat food, have some sort of meeting or work, maybe go studio and see friends most days. Or could be out raving for a few days with my London fam and all the girls, those are my favourite days.

SC: Who do you look up too? 

Al Ly: Both my parents – the smartest and most responsible people I’ve ever fucking met looool! I admire a lot of my friends. It’s fucking hard out here but these people are hard working and real individuals, I love them! Then of course I look up to people like Naomi Campbell and Lil Kim, Princess Nokia. Also Mary because she managed to have a baby without having sex!

SC: What is currently you favourite wardrobe piece (share a photo too please 😉 

Al Ly: Probably these 2 vintage Dior pieces I just bought recently!


SC: What are you listening to right now?

Al Ly: I can’t lie, I’ve been listening to Good Form by Nicki Minaj on repeat for the past week.


SC: Where do you see yourself in few years?

Al Ly: Honestly hopefully being based in New York

SC: On Instagram you’re a the coolest/goddess! What inspires your content? 
Al Ly: Honestly everything from like 1999-2008 that whole period of time was so hilarious and weird and unique in the best of ways! There was like no trends? People just did whatever the fuck they wanted to like wear boot cut jeans under a dress and like just throw a beret or one of those hats JT used to wear and some kitten heels on and they’re ready for the red carpet!

SC: Runway or Commercial? 

Al Ly: Both!! That’s too hard, runway is where you get discovered and fun but commercial is the bagggggg!!!


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