by Charlotte Smith

As Paris fashion week approaches my stomach starts to ache.  The question on my mind is where is this mixed chick, living in Paris going to get her hair done? The good news expats and women of colour living in Paris there is a new Mixed Chicks Hair Hotspot JORDY BRECHKOFF COIFFEUR DE PARIS steps away from The Place de la Bastille, in Paris.  After a few bad experiences, I am very particular about who touches my hair and now JORDY BRECHKOFF has permission.

I am a native New Yorker living in Paris.  Who is accustom to having a hair salon in every neighbourhood in the city. Where I can run in for a quick blow dry, or curl.  In Paris there aren’t many salons to chose from who cater to African and Mediterranean hair.  I was delighted to find out, that just minutes from my flat Hotspot JORDY BRECHKOFF COIFFEUR DE PARIS had arrived in my neighbourhood.

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Chic and intimate, Jordy Brechkoff welcomes you to his well thought out space where you will be pampered more than ever. The tiny space is unconventional and cozy where you can watch Parisians walk by headed to their favorite little boutique or lounge.  During your visit to the salon you are treated to a special massage of the scalp. The scalp message is incredible! Jordy’s hands are like magic and he listens to what his client wants.  I wanted to get a conditioning treatment and colour my hair red. After my appointment, I had made new friends and left ready to start my week!

With Jordy you can book an appointment or walk in and hope he’s not too busy. JORDY BRECHKOFF specializes in coloring, hair extensions, Brazilian smoothing and African and Mediterranean hair. Jordy is a barber too, for his male clientele.  Jordy invites you to his mini-intimate lounge to give you tailor-made services and love to your hair, just like in salons catering to people of colour in the US and UK.

Offering a range of treatments and high-end services, in its very bobo Bastille atmosphere; rue de Lappe. Jordy wants to make you look glamorous in no time.   All I have to say is welcome to the neighborhood.  When in Paris and need someone you can trust for your curly, Afro, mixed or Arabic hair, I would trust it with Mixed Chicks Hair Hotspot JORDY BRECHKOFF COIFFEUR DE PARIS.   Leave looking Glam for a night out in Paris.

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Jordy Brechkoff hairdresser Paris 
Address: 13 Rue de Lappe, 75011 Paris Phone:

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