Misaki Kawai x Flying Tiger

Danish brand, Flying Tiger Copenhagen opened its second home in New York in the Upper East Side of the city. Along with adding the much needed quirkiness to a somewhat stiff area, they’ve continued to play with the everyday essentials for adults and children. This season, Flying Tiger has collaborated with Japanese artist, Misaki Kawai, by taking her renowned drawings and creating a capsule fit for all arenas in life – centering the soul through yoga, beaching it up during the summer with a carryall tote, or keeping your breath fresh for the kissy moments in life.

We recently caught up with artist Misaki Kawai to find out more about this limited collection.

How did the collaboration with Flying Tiger come about?
I was introduced to Flying Tiger by Jacob Fabricius, who invited me in 2011 to have a solo exhibition at the Malmö Konsthall in Sweden while he was the director there.

In 2014, Jacob was asked to create a list of artists to potentially collaborate with Flying Tiger, and my name on the list. When Flying Tiger saw my work – they felt it was the perfect fit!

What is it about the brand that syncs with your art? 
It’s fun, playful and have a quirky approach to everyday life!

Can you tell us how you decided on what to create for the store?
Flying Tiger allowed me to freely share all of my wild ideas! It was so hard to stop. We needed to decide together when to stop – because I had too many ideas!

Tell us a bit about your creative philosophy that makes your identity so unique?
I enjoy playing as it allows me to create more freely!

Are there other projects coming up, or another genre you’d like to collaborate?
In addition to the Flying Tiger collection – I am working on launching a limited edition children’s collection, and I will have a solo exhibition at V1 Gallery in Copenhagen later this year.

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