Milk Makeup is Finally Available in The UK

by Kea Bose

Finally, Milk Makeup, the NYC-based, cruelty-free, paraben-free, 100% vegan cosmetics line with an Instagram presence to rival OG IG-brand and fellow US export Glossier, is available to purchase. Brought across the pond by beauty e-tailer Cult Beauty.

What’s perhaps most interesting about this beauty brand is that it was conceived by Milk Studios, a creative agency and photo studio based in New York and LA. “I think it’s an extension of who we are,” said Mazdack Rassi, creative entrepreneur and co-founder of Milk Studios. “We really built it off the girls and boys who roll through Milk and call it their home.” Launching in January 2016, the brand was co-founded by Razzi alongside Georgie Greville; film director and co-founder of Legs (Milk’s in-house creative production company, where she directed advertising content and events for eight years), Zanna Roberts Rassi; current Fashion Editor-at-large for Marie Claire and E! News fashion correspondent, and Diana Ruth; product developer previously at Benefit and Laura Mercier.

The innovative line features roller-ball applicators, skincare and cosmetic stick-formulas and a collection of KUSH products featuring, you guessed it, 2019’s buzz-ingredient Cannabis Oil. The line aptly reads under its KUSH Brow Gel, “do something dope for your brows.” Not unlike Glossier, it’s this tongue-in-cheek sense of humour and, more importantly, a laser-sharp sense for what their consumer wants and requires in their beauty products, packaged in a fun, aesthetically-pleasing, high-performing way that has led to astronomical success.

The tagline ‘Milk girls do their makeup quick’ was conceptualised by creative director Georgie Greville before the products had completed development. Having never worked in beauty prior, it seems she was chasing a feeling. “It’s not about how perfectly you apply your eyeliner. It’s about your lifestyle, and electricity as a person,” she said, referencing Debbie Harry “in the CBGB days” as an influence.

Made to be used without tools, this line is on-the-go beauty at it’s finest. Most notably, and most instagrammably, are the chubby sticks. A cleanser, toner, face masks, a serum and a de-puffing ‘face cooler’ have all been packed into this solid formula. Fuss-free, they glide onto the face and body with zero-mess, and trump the airport liquid allowance. Really, the gift that keeps on giving. A multi-use lip and cheek tint, a ‘blur stick’ primer and a holographic highlighter stick have been packaged in the same, easily-applicable fashion. “We crafted Milk Makeup to accommodate an on-the-go lifestyle for people who love to experiment with their looks. Our role is to give you easy-to-use tools to help you express whatever vibe you’re feeling that day,” Zanna Roberts Rassi told Glamour.In advance of their Cult Beauty drop today, Milk Makeup opened the doors to a 48-hour pop-up shop in Covent Garden. The brand’s first foray into physical retail space, the Milk Makeup X Cult Beauty pop-up featured a KUSH greenhouse, a photobooth and, for the lucky first few to arrive, a goodie bag filled with Milk Makeup freebies. You best believe the queue reached around the building hours before the 10am open time – and girls with little hearts, stars and peace signs printed on their cheeks filled the streets of Soho for the entire weekend.

Our picks:


We are always here for a multi-use product that promised to cut down our hefty makeup kit. Milk’s Lip + Cheek comes in a range of flattering shades which offer a soft, dewy flush.


This cream colour is highly pigmented and comes in a range of gorgeous shades that can be worn as a shadow all over the lid or applied with a brush as a liner. Rest assured that this will last all day. We LOVE After Party and Rave.


Don’t be fooled by the snotty hue of this ultra-hydrating balm, enriched with cannabis oil, jojoba and olive oil, it is a real treat to the lips.


No muss, no fuss. This purifying matcha mask glides on easily, with kombucha and witch hazel to shrink visible pores.


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