The Board of CNMI, chaired by Mario Boselli, has met Thursday 8th April receiving with great satisfaction and approval the outcome of the meeting called to define the September calendar of the Milano Moda Donna fashion shows. The meeting, held in the morning at the Camera della Moda headquarters, was attended by all fashion designers and fashion firms.

The event will last 7 days from September 22 to 28. With a remarkable spirit of collaboration, the major brands, that cannot be missed, have been distributed in a balanced way throughout the whole Milano Moda Donna calendar, allowing for a more rational and less stressful work for everyone.

Giorgio Armani said: “I am happy that my call for responsibility has been agreed to and I don’t think I was the only one hoping for it: the moment had come to reconsider in earnest the issue of the Fashion Calendar, because a whole industrial system revolves around it, a system which ought to recover its self-awareness and reaffirm its own strength and value. The agreement by the major designers, which protects the emerging ones as well, has been reached with the mediation of Camera della Moda and demonstrates that we Italians, if we really want it, are perfectly able to assert ourselves without fear in order to enhance what the world acknowledges to be a rich and inimitable creative heritage”.

Patrizio Bertelli declared: “The Milan fashion week is an event of fundamental importance for our activity and it is therefore absolutely necessary that the leading role at international level, it has always played and must still play, is recognized also in the future. Today we have made a significant step forward which goes in the right direction: in fact, it underlines a sense of belonging we have been afraid of losing because of recent controversies. However, I also think that we can do more: we have to come to terms with the future calendars of the Milan fashion shows also in order to support our “Made in Italy” and the creative heritage of the whole fashion industry”.

The recovered spirit of unity of the fashion designers and the full appreciation of the catalyst role played by CNMI with the fashion firms are a strong response to the unduly pressure wielded by those having an interest in contrasting Italian fashion. And this is even more valuable in a difficult economic situation.

Thanks to the common goals shared by our Fashion World and by the Institutions (City of Milan, Regional Administration, Chamber of Commerce of Milan), which will surely appreciate this important agreement and support it everywhere they can, Milan will continue to be the world capital of Pret-à-porter and to achieve further success.

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