Milan Fashion Week Street Style & Bad Mother Fuckers

Street Style & Bad Mother Fuckers

Milan Fashion Week Street Style & Bad Mother Fuckers

When you work on a team for fashion week, you have to be able to identify your team quickly. Our team normally covers the backstage, runway show and street style, so we are always on the run.  We need to spot our team quickly because we have to catch that photo or person before anyone else.  We decide to work with Grafitee because we are Bad Mother Fuckers.  

Milan Fashion Week Street Style & Bad Mother Fuckers

Everyone knows that street wear has gone luxury but we would rather work with street wear brands with their ears to the street and skate board brands that make clothes with wear and tear, so we hit the streets in these hoodies by DIAMANTE WEAR.  Everyone on the street style photo scene go out of our way and let us do our things. The hoodies not only protected us for the occasional rain, and let us spot each other quickly in the crowd.  

Grafitee is passionate about t-shirts and we are  and has been selling the hottest new drops since 2008.  Grafitee likes to highlight indie brands from everywhere in the world. The t-shirt isn’t some random product; therefore they have been working to build the perfect throne for t-shirts with their e-shop. Entirely made up of  indie brands,  and an e-shop  of brands that  gathers a huge range of original, rare, fun or graphic tee shirts picked for you with extra care. Sweatshirts, hoodies, tank tops and accessories are not left aside. It doesn’t matter how you like it: street, fashion, geek, casual or unusual: their devoted quest will bring something for everyone, as long as you’re always looking for innovation, style or exclusiveness. •אמ • آمين • Amen. Grafitee Team!

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Photos by Rudy de Monteiro

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