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When it comes to Miami everyone is always in search of the coolest spots they should be hanging out at. While it is true that the basic tourist can wander around South Beach in bikinis and flip-flops all day, to the one who loves adventure, there are plenty of other exciting and enticing things to do!

Most of Miami’s best area’s are all somewhat close together. So our first stop is Ocean Drive. Basically, it is a whole street where there are tons of hotels, restaurants and clubs that you can walk to straight from the beach. So, Clevelander pool party by day, Versace Mansion by night. And if you’re into the architecture scene, it is a first hand look into Miami’s art-deco buildings.

When you’re done drinking at one of Ocean Drive’s plethora of bars, you can head on over to Lincoln Road for more restaurants and shops. It’s a mile-long strip of pure entertainment. From couture shops to restaurants and even a movie theatre, you won’t be bored here. You can browse the shops, have a nice Italian dinner at Spris, head on over to Nespresso for a coffee and maybe catch a movie.

If you’re searching for something intriguing to do but still want to be somewhat enriched with culture, Wynwood is the place to be. One of the primary attractions in Wynwood are the Wynwood Walls. The walls are painted by artists that are both local as well as international.  Locals and tourists alike are constantly visiting the walls and using them as backdrops for beautiful pictures. Aside from the walls, there are local galleries that are constantly being changed, so that whenever you go back there’s always something new to see. When you’re done appreciating the art, there are tons of restaurants and cafes. My personal favourite is Jugo Fresh. People flock to this juice and smoothie bar to cool down and indulge in Miami’s tropical fruits and refreshing acai bowls. Finding new and unique foods and restaurants is one of my favourite things to do. If you’re looking for a sit-down meal with a restaurant feel but still want to continue that healthy flow you’re on, you can stop by Plant Food and Wine which is also in Wynwood. The restaurant offers a vegan twist making their options more high-end. In the end, you’re in Wynwood which means that no matter where you go, it’s still going to be a good time. Close to Wynwood is also the Design District, which is the place to be at if you’re looking to spend some extra cash on clothes or accessories or even just to admire the incredible architecture that is, the Miami Design District, think Rodeo Drive meets Miami Beach. 

These are only a few of the many interesting options that you can explore while in Miami. Besides my recommendations, most places in Miami won’t disappoint. Miami is a city rich with culture and eclectic people and customs that you won’t regret visiting and experiencing.

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