MEDICE+ICS in London Taught Me I Do Not Need Botox

MEDICE+ICS in London Taught Me I Do Not Need Botox

by Charlotte Smith

MEDICE+ICS in London 

I have been told for my age my face looks really young.  I am happy but, know I can take better care of my skin. Join me on my visit to MEDICE+ICS in London.

This as my new challenge for the coming year. With this said I decided to book an appointment with London based MEDICE+ICS. The millennials in my life tried to convince me that I needed botox to get rid of my frown lines.

I really did not want to go the botox route.  It is just an American thing to do.  Living in Europe has taught me there is another way. The French believe in aging gracefully. 


MEDICE+ICS in London Taught Me I Do Not Need Botox


After meeting Gabriella Mattera the Medical Aesthetician MEDICE+ICS, she changed my life. She looked at me like I was crazy for wanting botox. “You don’t need it and stop listening to young women of today who can’t move their faces due to’heavy handed Botox’.

My journey to beautiful younger looking skin would begin with a Hydrafacial.  The Aestheticians took before and after photos to show the results.  I am happy to report I have continued taking great care of my skin and can see the results of a monthly Hydrafacial and daily skincare routine.

Charlotte has great skin for her age, however, is dehydrated, has hormonal cystic pustules on her chin area, deep lines on her forehead and ephelides (freckles) distributed all over her face which is quintessentially sun damage. Gabriella Mattera the Medical Aesthetician.

No, I Don’t Want Botox

Not all mature women need Botox, but as it can make a positive difference to many sometimes beauty rituals can also make a big difference.   Not all WHIP”S need it, Get over It.  It is interesting to learn about taking care of your skin. I highly advise going to an Aesthetican do find out about how to take care of your skin.

I learned that simple tricks and advice can help you maintain healthy younger looking skin without needles and surgery.  Yes, I’ll look better then a twenty year old if I just start now and take better care of my skin.  Who knew that my freckles were sun damage. Yikes!  I never use sunblock.


I would never overly plump a lip. To me is looks ridiculous Cosmetic surgeon Mr. Geoff Mullan

MEDICE+ICS in London Taught Me I Do Not Need Botox


After taking a closer look at my skin, Gabriella suggested The Hydrafacial as a perfect treatment for my face. The salicylic acid is amazing for treating acne and congestion on my chin area.  Which I found out was caused by hormones around my period.  It also has beta-hydroxy acid the exfoliates and brightens the skin and help to soften my lines!

The main reason I booked.  I feel my lines are my heritage, but sometimes when I apply makeup they get more indented on my forehead.  I don’t like.

MEDICE+ICS in London Taught Me I Do Not Need Botox


She also suggested The Vitamin C solution to hydrate my skin.  High in anti-oxidants to protect her skin from free radical damage, reduce pigmentation, brighten and boost moisture levels in my skin to help reduce the appearance of deep-set wrinkles with the help of the hyaluronic acid in there.

This is what my skin was in desperate need of. Thursday night has turned into the home beauty bar.  I start by removing dirt build up with a rose based toner, exfoliate with a gentle scrub, apply a mask, then clean with a cleanser, toner again,  and finsih with a night moisturizing cream.  Now I only tone and moisturize my face in the morning. During the night all natural elements my body produce work their magic.  

MEDICE+ICS in London Taught Me I Do Not Need Botox




Neostrata Clarifying Facial Wash-( Salicylic Wash ) to be used 3 x week at night to clean the skin.

The other days and alternate nights use Neostrata Facial Cleanser PHA 4 ( Lactobionic Cleanser which gently exfoliates without stripping the skin )


Tebiskin- SOD-C Vitamin C Serum- Apply this after cleansing daily with fingertips 3 x week, to begin with then build up.


Moisturiser and Spf 50- Heliocare 360 Fluid SPF 50 is a unique formulation with advanced filters that provides a broad spectrum of UVA, UVB, Visible light and IR-A that has a hydrating feel to it whilst repairing sun damage.


At night ONLY, 3 x week, to begin with, apply a gentle retinol slow release cream,

The Neostrata Skin Active Retinol and Nag Complex is unique, with 0.5% pure stabilized retinol ( Vitamin A ) using patented NeoGlucosamine amplifies and intensifies the plumping and firming effects without irritating the skin. This is amazing for increasing cornification, reducing deep wrinkles, spots, and uneven pigmentation.

Have to say my skin felt amazing after  very hydrated and ready to take on another London afternoon.  Gabriella Mattera the Medical Aesthetician at MEDICE+ICS in London Taught Me I Do Not Need Botox! And I am taking all her advice and changed my skincare routine.  Watch me now!

MEDICE+ICS in London Taught Me I Do Not Need Botox


Connaught Street Clinic

37 Connaught Street Hyde Park
W2 2AZ
Tel: 020 7402 2033

Before and After Photos by Clinic

Hair, Makeup and beauty photo Sergio Corvacho

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