Meat and Shake : Saucy date in London

Hot Spots: Let’s get saucy with a BBQ date.

A candlelight accentuate your jaw line, juicy lips, glowing eyes, making you the prettiest girl of the night. If that’s your dream date, I suggest you search through our hot spot posts for other romantic dating destinations.

However, if you are looking for something fun and, of course, memorable, I recommend you “Meat & Shake.” The house of American BBQ with sprinkled magic dust, together with its love for sweet wood-smoke, creates the best barbecue meat I’ve ever tried in London. Hands might get saucy, lips might get spicy, but this surely will be a hot date.

American restaurant means an American date. I bought an American friend to try their menus and most importantly to seek some thumb ups for this review.

Starting with the starter, I left the important job of ordering to my date. Without any longer waiting, he ordered Jacobs Ladder. A slow cooked braised cola BBQ beef ribs arrived. Just take a look and you tell me this doesn’t make you hungry?

meat and shake

Juicy ribs showered in smoked black cherry BBQ sauce, accompanied by pickles to help boost your appetite. It was a great start sharing this with my date. Next to the wooden plate were three home-recipe sauces; Louisiana Chillin Herb, South Carolina Mustard, and  Smoked Black Cherry BBQ sauces.

meat and shake

Before the main dish arrived, we sweetened our chat with two shakes. It was a fun day so we turned away from ordinary must have shakes like Oreo or Nutella. Instead, we ordered what we believed would be hard to find elsewhere. Coconut Mango for the lady and Pistachio & Marshmallow for the gentleman were our final decision. We end up swapping because I felt in love with the amount of Pistachio I could taste in every sip. It’s a must try shake! Unfortunately, I couldn’t taste much of the mango, disagreed by my date. Of course, I stole his marshmallows before swapping.

Meat and shake

Meat and shake Not long after enjoying our drinks, arrived were our Rib& Cheeseburger and Philly Cheese-stake Sandwich. What’s missing? My date wouldn’t be completed without a sharing fries. Recommended by the lovely Aussie waitress, we ordered Dirty Fries. Ohhhh it’s dirty.

Meat and Shake
Meat and Shake

Generous amount of meat was served for both dish. The fries was much bigger than I expected. This is a great place not just for a date but also a group party. It’s totally worth the prices. Best meal ever!


Review: Meat and Shake,  around £15-£20 each

Love: Yummy! Great service.  An authentic taste of American BBQ.

Hate: Location, it’s quite far from the central area. But that also means a long train ride together.

Rating: 4/5

Written by Contributing Fashion Writer/Illustrator – Mee Jong

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