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Solar Eclipse on StyleCartel.  We have now entered into Taurus have a happy May and follow your dreams. We hoped you enjoyed the Pink Eclipse on the 25th of April and the energy helped reflect, release and let go of the past for a re-birth coming your way now. On to the May 2013 Horoscopes on StyleCartel.






The  Eclipses will shake your month, Taurus! People around you will have to do severe changes and you will be affected by this strong energy of transformation. Your house can be destroyed by an earthquake and you can spend your month rebuilding what you lost. The Solar Eclipse occurs in your own sign and you will feel it more than others signs but don´t worry, you have financial working for you and you can improve your Mercury life. Mercury enters your sign on May, 1st and it´s time to dream with the money you want. Visualize your house, your special car and the wonderful vacation you want to take. Visual want you want and it will happen.

REMEMBER: when others are falling down, you are full of vital energy and question yourself what is the proposal of the Bach’s and you will find good ways to help others. Wonderful month!

                 Your Universe flower is Gentian



MAY for VIBE 1 by Claudia Vannini




A yearly personal peak, Gemini! You shine and show your self-confidence now. The problems of the world will not affect you like others but you will have an important mission this month. Your positive attitude will help people around you to find mental support and to keep faith. The Eclipses will bring good changes for your financial life and you will feel this for the next six months. You can change your job or the way you are working but you feel happy. You can change some relation too and be prepared to divorce if your romance is not going well. You can see dramas in the lives of friends or siblings and your 12th GEMINI of Spirituality can be affected. This transformation will bring new philosophy and some beliefs can be abandoned.

REMEMBER: you are one of the less affected by the Eclipses so pay gratitude to Universe and support others near you.

  Your Bach’s flower is Cerato




Financial changes, Cancer! But they are good and will improve your lifestyle for the next six months. In the beginning you will think a disaster came to your routine but after you will understand that your career needs changes and you have been bored with the same life and same issues.. Try to control your dreams and believe in what is real life. The world will shake and you can be a special base to people around you because you understand better than others the effects of the  VIBE 1 by Claudia Vannini. You are redefining your personality and others will feel the new you.

REMEMBER: you are the most affected by the Eclipses so build an unshaken faith where others can support and understand that your  mission this month is to show strength and resilience. You will be a model! Wonderful Month!

Your Bach’s flower is Moon






Time to create a new you. The Solar Eclipse gives you the opportunity to redefine yourself for the next six months. The rules of your world will change and you can see a shake-up in your career. These changes are good and will bring fresh air to your life because it is a period of personal independence. Try to schedule some breaks to relax and give special attention to your heart. It´s a strong month for you, something like a rebirth so it´s not the time to think about money or relationships. It´s time to delineate the new person that will live inside this body and work with your best attitudes. You will see dramatic events in the lives of authority figures like a boss, a father or a partner.

Remember: this journey begins now in May and will affect your life until October. It’s best if you breathe deeply. The Universe is working for you.

Your Bach’s flower is Vervain.





Virgo, it´s your month. You enter a yearly career peak and now understand your personal power. Relations can feel some tension and your love is getting tested. After the 20th, reduce your schedule because you seem to be ahead of everyone and will be a natural target. Only good relationships will survive. Some parts of your life will finish and you have to accept the transformations in which you are involved. Your core beliefs will change and this is the new resources you will have to deal for the next six months. The Solar Eclipse will occur in your 9th house of foreigne world and intellectual issues. You can establish new links and bring new knowledge to your life.


Remember: you are a target now. Understand the changes, accept the losses that will occur and open space to projects that will act refurnished in the next six months.

Your Bach’s flower is Centaury





Libra, your career house is shaking this month. Job changes or changes in your company begin now and will result in good progress for your life. Career success will happen but you have to wait until next month. Now you have to prepare yourself. Avoid any kind of risk and reduce your schedule. All your communication will be tested so revise your emails, your writings and confirm if people understood what you said. You have a feeling of insecurity but this is the opportunity to develop your faith. From the 27th to the 29th, Venus travels with Saturn and is a very happy aspect to get a new computer or a new car. It´s not time to lose your time with romances.


Remember: to grow at work you often have to abandon old projects and accept the arrival of new people and proposals. Remember to meditate and keep the mind alert to changes.

Your Bach’s flower is Scleranthus






The Solar Eclipse will impact Mars, your work planet. You can change your work or the way you work and feel like this is  a disaster but it´s the beginning  of your transformation. This will happen for the next six months and important financial changes can happen. You will have to find new ways to solve your problems and, in the ending of this period, you will be more strong and feeling your faith renewed. Imagine a test of faith. The Lunar Eclipse will affect your 9th House of philosophy and religion. All your beliefs are going to a hardy test and some concepts will be abandoned. Try to keep harmony with partners and lovers and reduce your schedule Neptune and your 9th House will be affected by these Eclipses and may be attracted to foreign countries and their people because your health will be more sensible now.

REMEMBER: new opportunities are coming and in the beginning can seem like a problem but trust your ability to overcome. Wonderful month!

Your Bach’s flower is Heather






A yearly Love and social peak, Sagittarius. All the planets are aligned for love, you can get engaged. The Solar eclipse occurs in your 6th House and you can change your workplace. You can find a new job and this new place can affect your health for the next six months. So, watch your figure and understand if you are really eating food or feelings. The Lunar Eclipse of the 25th affects your personality and self-concept. Reduce your schedule and deal with this period of transformation. A parent can be more affected and be more temperamental. You will have to spend more time with this person. Your 9th house of philosophy will be affected for the next six months and some beliefs will be abandoned.

REMEMBER: after the Eclipses you will be another person and will have other beliefs so don´t try to control your life with the beliefs you have now. Wonderful month!

Your Bach’s flower is Agrimony







A yearly personal peak, Capricorn! A period for doing the things you love to do and you will want to work a lot. Your 12th House will bring dramatic spiritual changes and you will have to face the death. Death can happen in another house near yours but you will have to live with the energy of transformation and lost. Neptune indicates dramas in the lives of your children so avoid risks with them; these dramas can test you in various ways. Your health is good in May but you have to give more attention to your arms and shoulders. A partner will have dramatic financial changes so organize your payments and take the control of the situation.


Remember: the world is feeling all the impact of the Eclipse and you have to understand that you are being tested. Keep mind control!

Your Bach’s flower is Rock Water




The past continues to operate on subconscious level and these memories are the origin of many problems in life. The Eclipse occurs in the 4th House of Home and Family. Old memories of family will come and is time to work like a laundry – resolve old issues. You can meet someone who is like the person of your past that hurt you. Use this situation to understand your feelings. Your love will be tested and you have to be gentler to others, especially family members. Spend more quiet time at home and understand that your financial life is affected by Neptune this month. You can see dramatic events in the lives of friends and your trust can be tested again. Your work can change again and the conditions of work too.


Remember: change came every month for you and the Eclipse opens a door for the next 6 months. Build your future now and forget the past

Your Bach’s flower is Water Violet





Career changes are coming for you, Pisces! The hierarchy of your company can be affected. Neptune forces you to redefine yourself and self-concept – a detox can happen. Your lungs will need more attention after the 20th and you can begin breathing exercises to feel better and take a more relaxed schedule. You can see dramas in the lives of sibling figures and this will affect you. The month ahead will be tumultuous and Mars impacts your routine. Financial changes happen and the eclipses will show you where your plan is wrong. Your world is changing and this will happen very fast this month, try to understand that you changed the way you think of yourself so the world also changes.


Remember: do your job and accept the changes, you are preparing the field to next month and cleaning the house for new concepts.

Your Bach’s flower is Rock Rose





Aries, you can find romance this month! Venus and Jupiter are working together and you can have a nice financial opportunity with new partners. You have a financial peak until the 20th.  The Lunar Eclipse will affect your 9th House of philosophy and you are ready to change your beliefs. Your energy is wonderful but try to reduce your schedule and take care of the children of your life. They can be affected more by the Eclipses then others. Now it´s time to spend time with your family and your house may need repairs. If you have an earthquake in your city, remember to give support to others and control your mind using your vital energy. You are one of the few that will not be so affected.





Namaste Namasté ou namaskar (नमस्ते ou नमस्कार)


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