Matchstick Monkey – A Revolutionary Teething Lifesaver

STYLE CARTEL MOM – Matchstick Monkey 

Brand new and already making its mark on parents looking for a solution to their children’s  teething terrors. Matchstick Monkey is the latest must have baby accessory. Baby Matylda was very happy to chew it.

Matchstick Monkey

In bright, bold colours that little people will adore, Matchstick Monkey is an amazing teething toy and teething gel applicator, crated from soft, non-toxic silicone.

Fun and functional, Matchstick Monkey aids pain relief by getting teething gels or granules right  to the source of the pain. Easy to grasp arms as handles, with bumps that will gently massage baby’s gums. Each toy is made from high quality, eco-friendly materials and is dishwasher safe and freezer friendly. Its bendy, curly tail works as a hook for buggies and car seats too.

Matchstick Monkey

It was designed by ‘mumpreneur’ Katie when her daughter Coco was born in 2015. Matchstick Monkey is an ideal solution to a real problem, preventing those tiny teeth from nipping your fingers when applying teething gel to painful molars.

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