Mariah Carey makeup collection with MAC Cosmetics

by Sabah Mansour

Lately, a lot of brands collaborate with celebrities to provide us a good range of products. I talked about Shay Mitchell making her own makeup line, today it’s all about Mariah Carey. The diva chose MAC Cosmetics to launch her very first line of makeup products.

And like the famous singer, her packaging is sparkling. She chose for most of her products, glittery packaging, which gives a very sexy touch.


MAC Cosmetics Lipglass in Dreamlover, $18.50

Overall, the beauty industry was convinced by her line. The product are really good with the quality (no surprise here, it’s MAC) and the design (no surprise here, it’s Mariah Carey).

I wish I could tell you that I loved her products, I wanted to rave about her makeup but sadly, everything is pretty much sold out everywhere. So, if you had the chance to buy those, let us know what you think about it ! We would love your feedback, and that’s exactly what our magazine is all about, talking and advising each other.

MAC Cosmetics Lash in 36, $18

Despite the fact that some accessories are a little expensive, I believe it’s worth it. I would  love to get my hands on this buffer brush that you see below.

MAC Cosmetics 183 Buffer, $59.50

Compared to Victoria Beckham’s cosmetic line with Estée Lauder, this Mariah Carey line is quite affordable.

Finishing Powder, $35

I’m that chick Eye Shadow x4, $41

Liquid Eye Liner in This Is My Night, $22

Loose Powder Touch my Body, $35

Liquid Eye Liner in This Is My Night, $22

Again ladies, let us know what you thought about this collection ! I hope you had a merry Christmas !


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