MARC JACOBS FALL 2018 The Smooth Operator of 80s Drama

by Charlotte Smith

MARC JACOBS FALL 2018 80s Drama

I wonder if MARC JACOBS was binge watching 80’s music videos and Dynasty when he came up with the inspiration for his Fall-Winter 2018 collection?  I have been pondering this since I streamed the show. Each ensemble from the collection made my mouth drop and want a piece literally.

Where we at Paris fashion week?  I thought as the collection rolled down the runway? This was a collection of enormous, inspiration from  1980s haute couture scene of Paris with notions to the likes of Montana, Mugler, Ungaro, and Saint Laurent.

There are very rare moments when I watch a collection and want to place an order to buy right from the runway.  I love the see now buy now aspects of today’s digital age. MARC JACOBS for fall 2018 served this up on a platter for his old school New York vibe mixed with some London town attitude. With extreme silhouettes, rich textures, vibrant colours and supermodel swag, the designer put the “strike a pose” back in fashion New York Fashion Week with a little soul inspiration from songstress like Sade.


The designer was serving an ’80s renaissance to close New York Fashion Week. He displayed the sign of the time and the divide between the rich and poor class on the runway.  With oversized silhouettes, making for a collection that was a theatrical, textural and artistic inspiration. The collection was extremely trendy and wearable.  The high waisted trousers fit the female form from skinny to curvy fashionistas.

Celebrity Style Marc Jacobs

The models sported colossal, colourful cashmere coats topped off with matching scarves, voluminous blouses with twisted flourishes at the neck, roomy high-waisted trousers and skirts and menswear-inspired overcoats. Each look mixed rich materials like leather, velvet, silk, wool and tweed, as well as a vibrant array of colours, ranging from jewel tones to bright, primary shades to shining metallics. Pattern play was big, too, with everything from polka dots to pinstripes to plaids and abstract graphic prints popping up throughout the collection.


My personal favourite element was the wide-brimmed hats worn by the likes of Boy George and Sade in the 80s heyday of dancing in the streets. The sharp hats sat atop models’ heads, while others had their hair dyed to match their designated ensemble. Others came down the runway with a long fur stole hanging from their arms, while others walked with their hands on their hips, or with an arm raised allowing a handbag to hang from the crook of the elbow.

Some were nipped at the waist with a wide leather belt or a flower-like flourish, and several were accessorized with an ever-popular a fanny pack.  Marc Jacobs nailed the 80s trend and why wouldn’t he. It was probably a memorable time in his life, in New York studying to be an American contemporary designer. On his way to building his empire and becoming one of our generations Luxury Ready to Wear household names and heritage brand.



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