Manish Arora Spring 2016 PFW| “Disco Gipsy”

by Charlotte Smith
Manish Arora Spring 2016 PFW

DÉFILÉ DU JOUR| Manish Arora Spring 2016 PFW

Our DÉFILÉ DU JOUR is a party with glitter, fringe, embroidery and sequins for Manish Arora Spring 2016 PFW.

Manish Arora Spring 2016 PFW


The decor in the venue had a filtering face mask, with all the colors of the Manish Arora rainbow with his signature designs. We were in for more Bollywood Bling from the the Indian designer.
- Paris - SS16 Manish Arora, défilé, Iran

If you know anything about the Manish Arora then you know you are in for a treat for all the senses with his collection and black really does not exist in his world. The collection is fun and like non other.

Paris - SS16 Manish Arora, défilé, Yulia Lobova

We go from Indian rave princess wear to a belly dancing maven wardrobe. Or as the designer would like to think the 1001 nights of a “Disco Gipsy.” He also nailed one of the biggest trends for Spring  ruffled tops.

022- Paris - SS16 Manish Arora, Daria Bezrukova, défilédéfilé, Yulia Lobova

Manish Arora Spring 2016 PFW  “Disco Gipsy”

 Paris - SS16 Manish Arora, défilé, Nykhor Paul

The pieces from the Manish Arora Spring 2016 consisted  off the shoulder tiered ruffles dresses, red mirror jackets, sequins everywhere just how women like them.  It is also a season of the gorgeous kaftans and tasseled scarves.

 Paris - SS16 Manish Arora, défilé, Nykhor Paul

Many of the garments could dress the entire wedding party at an Indian wedding or a North African wedding with the sheer henna tattoo t-shirts that came down the runway.  We all know our mothers were into Disco and  the designer went into the record crates for inspiration.  

 Paris - SS16 Manish Arora, défilé, Placida Csapo

He stayed true to the Manish Arora DNA and displayed cropped tops with a sari style cut. He of course used color  to bring to life the most glamorous disco queens with a nods from David Bowie, Velvet Underground, Roxy Music. It  also ads  some Mark Whalberg’s  Boogie Nights flavor, because of course a women needs a suiter. 
Paris - SS16 Manish Arora, défilé, Taka Yaguchi

The designer wants us to let loose and not take fashion so seriously, fashion is about fun and individualism. Not everyone can wear his collection, but it is pretty interesting to look at and wear on those special occasion.

Paris - SS16 Manish Arora, Debra Shaw, défilé

You could also say Manish went very Sargent Peepers Heart Club band, I say let’s get on train Manish Arora SS16 and let’s Peace and Love the summer 2016 away.

Paris - SS16 Manish Arora, Agnes Sokolowska, défilé

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Photos by Rudy de Monteiro


 Paris - SS16 Manish Arora, défilé, Simone Carvalho


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