Man About Town x 10th Anniversary x Nemar JR. x Fashion & Football

by Charlotte Smith

Man About Town  Cover Star Nemar JR.

Yes, Man About Town, who needs the sexiest man alive when they feature Nemar JR. on the cover.  He is one of the today’s sexiest footballers and as sweet as pie too. This is Man About Town’s 10th Anniversary Issue. Within its pages is a decade’s worth of living, loving, fighting and working to make the magazine what it is now.

Within its pages is a decade’s worth of living, loving, fighting and working to make the magazine what it is now.The shoot features a shirtless Nemar, similar to shoots with stars like David Beckham, Cody Calafiore, and Tom Daly.

Fashion & FootBall: Man About Town

Ladies put your phones down, get off the dating app and indulge in some Neymar Jr. time.

Jesus said love was everything. Marx said money was everything. Freud said sex was everything. And Einstein proved everything was relative. Yet
no matter how brilliant these men were, none of them imagined the magnitude of football. Sex, money, love: a single sport has it all. But what about Einstein? Watch- ing Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior score a few goals for Barcelona or PSG certainly demonstrates that everything else is, indeed, relative.

And it brings up a crucial riddle: is Neymar a lay saint or a modern-day gladiator? Certainly both – among otherthings–when in front of Mario Testino’s camera…


Man About Town x 10th Anniversary x Nemar Jnr x Mario Testino

If you close your eyes and think of Mogi das Cruzes, what do you see?
What do you feel?
NEYMAR: I was not there for long. I was born in Mogi das Cruzes because my father was also a football athlete and played in one of the clubs in town. I spent my childhood in São Vicente and Praia Grande, cities close to Santos. Every time I think about my childhood I think about my family, friends, and football. Nothing has changed.

What’s your earliest memory?
NEYMAR: It’s related to the previous answer. Always with family, surrounded with friends and looking for a time to play
What’s your happiest memory? And the saddest?
NEYMAR: Happy moments were those I spent with my parents. I don’t have sad memories, despite
some difficulties my family faced around that time. But it was a good and happy environment.

When you’re feeling blue, what music do you listen to? And when you’re happy?
NEYMAR: I only listen to music that makes me happy. Samba, pop, pagode, any kind of music! Even when I’m sad, I listen to it so I can smile.
As a baby, you had a serious car accident. You and your father survived. I know you believe very much in God, but do you often think about death?
Are you scared to death?
NEYMAR: I don’t think or worry about death too much. I live to do the right thing. Being a good person to my son, my family, friends, and my fans. I like
to celebrate life!
In your opinion, in a few words, what does it take to be a great football player? What advice would you give to a 13-year- old player, today?
NEYMAR: Train! Train as hard as you can! Fall in love with the ball, sport and with what you do on the pitch. Play to be happy! Do you think
there really is a “Brazilian” way of playing football?

NEYMAR: We Brazilians have “ginga” and “malemolência” as we say over here. We like to dribble and to play beautifully. It’s that kind of happy
football that we like. Does the emotion of scoring a great goal come anywhere close to the emotionality of a sexual or sensual experience?
NEYMAR: (Laughing) No, no. I think they’re completely different things.
When your professional career is over, will you become a trainer?
NEYMAR: I don’t know. I’m still very young and I don’t want to stop playing so soon.
Since a very young age, you’ve earned a lot of money.
Thanks to your talent, you’ve never been “poor”. Your recent transfer from Barcelona to Paris was completed for €222 million, a huge amount for many observers. I’m not criticizing the football market; but do you understand that the amount shocked some people?

NEYMAR: I do understand. Especially in the world we live in because it’s an impressive number! But nowadays that’s how football is and I keep playing my football. Tennis star Novak Djokovic recently announced the opening of a restaurant with free food for the homeless. He declared: “Money is not a problem for me. I have earned enough to feed all of Serbia.” You recently became Handicap International’s Ambassador.

What will you do for this organization? Do you care about other philanthropy projects?
NEYMAR: At Jardim Glória, the neighborhood I lived part of my teenage years, in Praia Grande, we have the Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr. We began our activities more than three years ago with the capacity of assisting three thousand kids and teenagers per day. It’s an educational & sports complex that helps children from 7 to 14 years old and their families. Brazil is a very mixed country. With the motto “Somos todos macacos”, you’ve fought again racism. In your opinion, is racism, today, a big issue in the world? More broadly, what should be the priorities of governments

More in the Issue

Over the past decade, the magazine has been responsible for the debut cover shoots of Brooklyn Beckham and “hot felon” Jeremy Meeks, guest edits by Hedi Slimane and has featured industry’s most sought-after talent in the fashion and creative fields including David Beckham, Jack O’Connell, and James Franco.  In celebration of the magazine’s 10th anniversary year, Man About Town is pleased to announce an incredibly special 188-page portfolio by Mario Testino, who has photographed the two covers for this issue, working alongside a selection of esteemed stylists; Lucinda Chambers, James Valeri, George Cortina, Paul Cavaco and David Bradshaw.

Within the portfolio, multi-faceted cover star Jared Leto sits down with Eve Barlow to talk about the evolution of his band, Thirty Seconds to Mars and the Hollywood film industry. Alongside him is Brazilian football superstar Neymar Jr. who offers an insight into his life, on and off the pitch. Either side of the features are six contrasting fashion stories, captured by Mario’s renowned lens — it’s a great honor to have him part of this landmark issue.

It seems strange,10 years in, to talk now about a new beginning. But that is what this is. We want this magazine to be for all men: gay, straight, young, old, curious or just stumbling through. There should be room for all, within. That is where we are headed. This is just where we start.

Out now.

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