Male Celebrities Look of the Week | Ryan Reynolds & Jake Gyllenhaal


That is one good pair we have here. Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal show their bond while arriving at the 2017 SXSW Festival.

They probably planned to wear the same style ; They both showed up at the screening of their upcoming movie Life, wearing matching suits and shirts, with a casual vibe with no tie.

The actors met on the set of the movie, and they instantly became friends, and it shows.

” I think he’s easily the most interesting actor working in Hollywood today. He’s definitely one of my favorites” , Ryan Reynolds said. “And at the same time he’s one of the kindest guys I’ve ever met. We’re hanging out all the time. We live near each other. It’s cool“.

And Jake replied to this compliment quite fast. “He’s a wonderful man. It’s rare in our industry to meet someone, a contemporary, and there’s no competition” , he said during an interview. “There’s just some friends you meet at a certain time in your life. We met on this movie and became really close friends “.

Ryan Reynolds & Jake Gyllenhaal at the SXSW Festival for Life  Screening

One thing is for sure, they both look amazing. The smiles on their faces show how much they care about each other. And the fact that they decided to match their outfits makes them even more handsome.

The movie Life is set to hit the theaters on March 24th. The story is about two astronauts who find evidence of life on Mars, and of course they will probably wear matching astronauts suits.

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