Makeup Monday Eyebrow Gel: WunderBrow

by Charlotte Smith

 Wunder Eyebrow Gel

Last week, I have discovered this product, the eyebrow gel which makes your eyebrows amazingly stable on shape.



Wunderbrow Eyebrow Gel’s permafix technology helps the product to stay longer on your eyebrows. It has five different shades for each. I have tested two of them called “Auburne” and “Brunette” on my eyebrows. My eyebrow color is light ash brown so I needed something that also includes grey tones inside. Otherwise it would have been so dark for me. As I much as I have used it, the result was not really different from the other ones.


The package comes with a temporary eyebrow brush to use once or twice. The bad part about the product is that it doesn’t have its own brush to put on eyebrows. You need to put the product onto the temporary brush separately. It is not really practical at the end of day.

Other than that, yes, it really stays for a long time. There is no need to renew it all the time. I would not really say that it is a must have product though. It is a nice one and of course, it does what it says. Although, I haven’t experienced any amazing difference about it. I would recommend it somehow but I am sure that we would find better options for eyebrow category honestly. It is not really pricey, but it is not super cheap either. Preferably, I would choose another brand and another type of brush for my eyebrows. I don’t find  it very proper to use on daily basis just in case of product to be dropped on floor, into bag, etc. If the company can change the brush type, it could have been better in terms of using!


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