2 in 1 Blush & Highlighter | L’Oréal Paris

by Sabah Mansour

When it comes to makeup, a lot of want simplicity. In an era of makeup, wa can easily feel overwhelmed when buying makeup products. It is true, for a non-makeup savant, shopping for makeup can be a burden.

L’Oréal Paris makes the perfect blush

L’Oréal is one major actor in the beauty industry. I found about a year ago the perfect product from them, a beautiful blush that I absolutely love.

It is called Le Blush, and I have the shade Rose Bonne Mine / Rosy Cheeks.

This is the kind of beauty product you absolutely need to try, it is very shimmery. It is medium pink with a hint of white-silver shimmer.

As you may already know if you have been reading me for a while, I am a highlighter junkie. I own a lot, some might say too much. So, yes, the highlight step in my makeup routine is something I never skip. Except when I wear this blush. I do not need to put on some highlight on the top of my cheeks, because this magical product does all the work for me !

As the name states it, Rose Bonne Mine, this blush will give you the extra pep you need to look healthy and glowy. It come with a small mirror and a mini blush brush that most people don’t use. I personally use it to pick up the product, and then I grab a bigger brush to blend it away.

This product isn’t really expensive (about 13 €), but I am going to give you another cheaper alternative. The Bella Bellini Baked Blush from Milani is quite similar, I find it a little less intense but you can build it up to get the look you want. You can buy it for about 7 €.

Bella Bellini Baked Blush, Milani

This is definitely a product that I would re-purchase, no questions asked.

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