by Charlotte Smith

For SS19, Maje worked photographer Oliver Hadlee Pearchto create a series of beautiful images featuring model, Grace Hartzel, portraying a young Parisian constantly on the move and free from the cares of the city. The photos transport you to Paris, where nothing is planned and where everything is possible. Palm trees invade Paris, and exotic flowers push through the tarmac and cobblestones.

In this azure setting bathed by the eternal sun, Grace embodies Parisian beauty – diaphanous, mischievous and seductive.  a woman who dreams of being on tour finds herself in search of unexpected encounters.

For SS19, designer Judith Milgrom, draws inspiration from the Jardin des Tuileries. Depicting a tropical Paris, taken over by palm trees, surfers and a giant Ferris wheel. The unrestricted, free-flowing collection favours silky lightweight materials, prints featuring surfers, palm trees, the Pantheon and Paris’ Ferris wheel.







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