Maintaining Vibrant Hair Colors

by Tillie Eze

Some weeks back, we talked about me going purple. Well my hair color started to fade and new growth started coming in, so it was time to touch it up. But what do you do for those in-between moments when? How do you know when you’re ripe and ready, or when you can go a couple of more weeks? We asked Chereen Monet of Fox & Jane Salon, the stylist behind my purple curls, our top three questions on maintaining vibrant color.

When to know when it’s time to come in for a touch up? When is it too late?
For a root retouch such as grey coverage, we generally recommend every 4-6 weeks. Waiting longer than that can be an issue as it can be difficult for us to get a perfect color match if you wait to long.   For highlights, we recommend 8-12 weeks depending on your personal style and goals.  At Fox & Jane we spend a lot of time creating looks such as balayage or baby lights that grow out in a soft, subtle way.  Using techniques such as these it really becomes a matter of WANT rather than need.  Traditional highlights can leave you with a hard line that screams – GET to the salon! Some of our guests enjoy the phase of their blonde that is quite rooty while others opt to keep it fresh.  We love that with modern techniques this is an option.

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With each touch up will the color get lighter?
Not in the hands of the right colorist.  As a colorist, I like for my guests to commit to me.  If I know and understand your hair and what was used in the past, I will then be able to follow my pattern and only retouch hair while minimally adding new.  If you are a “salon hopper” (no judgment) you will probably have less control over this and your highlights will gradually become lighter.  This happens because new highlights and highlight patterns are used each time your hair is done.

Does maintenance go further in natural hair in comparison to Caucasian hair?
That’s a great question.  I truly think it depends on the individual.  These days people with all hair textures get regular treatments such as Keratin, Olaplex, relaxers, hair extensions, custom lace wigs, the list goes on.   I think with all the possible beauty enhancements out there, you cannot say one applies more to one demographic than the other.  There are folks in both columns that like to keep in natural and simple.  And, there are definitely folks in both columns who take advantage of every new technology, trend, and enjoy a more high maintenance look.

For those of you who need to get in this salon, they have locations in San Diego, California and New York City (one is in Brooklyn for those who never dare come to Manhattan). Fox and Jane Salon was created by Lorean Cairns, where her concept grew from one Lower East Side Salon in 2011 to a fifth salon in 2014 on New York’s Upper West Side. Beginning her career at the Aveda Institute in Denver, she quickly realized the high demand for her craft. Though she may not be the goddess gracing your tresses, know that her staff cultivates a talent and understanding of the art that is hair, similar to hers.

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