Lumity – a revolution in looking and feeling great from the inside out


LUMITY is a revolutionary, simple, two step beauty supplement method that for the first time ever targets the 9 processes (processes are the ongoing cycles in your body) of ageing simultaneously and effectively. LUMITY works in perfect harmony with the body’s natural cycles to support the optimum efficiency of your cells 24/7.

LUMITY came to be after years of scientific research and patient trials which studied and observed the processes involved in ageing, identifying key nutrients that nourish skin, hair and nails and revitalise every cell, looking at how ingredients collaborate internally to collectively renew and replenish us inside and out. LUMITY supports and enhances your body’s tendency towards health and youth over inefficiency and ageing, rather than trying to correct or change how the body functions or unbalancing the complex health of the body’s interconnected systems.


LUMITY is a simple two-step method which includes taking three soft-gel supplements in the morning and three in the evening. These nutrient rich powerhouses are suspended in flax oil which allows superior absorption and a healthy dose of omega 3. The morning LUMITY capsule works to fire up the energy centres of your cells giving you a new level of vitality and energy. The synergy of ingredients in the morning capsules work together to boost the collagen and elastin formation in your skin, clear out age accelerating toxins, protect your DNA and repair oxidative damage.

At night, your evening capsules reinforce the antioxidant and anti-glycation action of the morning capsules. How? The unique amino-acid combination of lysine, arginine and glutamine naturally stimulates the release of Human Growth hormone, which is important for (building muscle, healthy tissue and bone density) repairing and regenerating all the body’s tissues. The powerful antioxidant action in these capsules works to neutralise free radicals, thus preventing them from attacking and damaging the cells’ components. The all-important L-cysteine in the morning and evening capsules upgrades the body’s stores of glutathione, which is a powerful force against free radicals.

The scientifically calculated balance of ingredients including vitamins, minerals and vital amino acids work with the body’s natural cycles delivering targeted nutritional support to prevent and undo the damage caused by ageing. There have been extensive clinical studies taken across three continents with LUMITY users experiencing better sleep, more energy, clear skin, stronger hair and nails and benefits being noted after just 10 days.

About the author

GOSIA KRAJEWSKI Fashion, Mommy blogger & Beauty Features Editor at Style Cartel. Former Senior Account Executive at JWPR (Capsule Comms) Worked for Marie Claire & Instyle


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