LOW SHAMPOO The Real Revolution For hair Care – Tested and approved

Have you ever wondered what kind of ingredients your shampoo have?

I guess it’s about time you know guys!

Most of the Hair products that we see nowadays contain some toxic chemicals and you didn’t even know about it. Six months ago I experienced a MAJOR hair fall and I started to freak out. After a quick visit to my usual hairdresser I found out that it was caused by my shampoo. Actually, the PARABEN, sulphates and silicon in the shampoo combined with pollution was seriously aggressing my hair. shocked by the info I had to start making changes and take care of my hair. First step choose the right Shampoo. My Hairdresser is a L’oréal ambassador and as part of his job he suggested the new products of L’oréal (what a shock ha?) However willing to do anything to save my hair I had to give it a shot!

Meet L’oreal Elvive  Low Shampoo!

 This shampoo is a gentle cleansing cream with no foaming action and no sulphates. Being someone who bleaches the ends a lot, then goes back black my hair takes a lot of damage. My hair is very fragile and washing it can sometimes do more bad than good. This is the reason why I was drawn to this shampoo.

The formula:

It has a non-foaming formula which means less rubbing and less damaging the hair. It’s quite strange because we are so used to the big lather of shampoo! It feels so light and it will instantly make your hair feel soft before you have started getting it to work. Once you have used it your hair will feel so clean and free of anything that was on it! Another great thing about this shampoo is you don’t need conditioner! The idea behind this is when you have damaged hair the last thing you want to keep doing is washing it and rubbing it! With this product you can cleanse away all the dirt and oil then have the added bonus of the conditioning ingredients!

How to properly use it?


  • On wet hair apply 10-15 pumps from roots to tips (depending on hair length) I have very long hair so I use 15 to 20 pumps
  • Massage gently from roots to ends. Try not to rub like a normal shampoo too much, take your time and be gentle!
  • Leave it on for three minutes.
  • Rinse out the product while combing through with your fingers.

For those three minutes, the product is really getting to work moisturizing the hair and making sure that all the bad stuff is gone! Once rinsed you can feel then that your hair is clean and soft but it will show once dried! Another great thing is when you have colored hair if you wash too much you will make the color fade faster but with this product you only rinse once so that will help keep your color more vibrant for longer!

Why do you need to go and buy it ?

This shampoo is so gentle yet effective and perfect for everyday use but in my case I can go three to four days without washing and it still feels as clean and soft.  This product is a life saver and I highly recommend it! If you have dry, damaged, colored hair that needs some extra care or if you are going away and want something effective and quick you need to get this product!

Where and how much ?

don’t worry I’ve got your back for the budget ! The product line is available in stores like Monoprix or Auchan . Basically at any Hypermarket .

And the best for the end, you get 400ML of product just for 9 euros only !!

About the author

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