Have a Meal at Dinsor Palace, Bangkok

by Mee Jong

Experience the fine cuisine from a former Palace right in the centre of Bangkok: Dinsor Palace

One Sunday, I decided to invited my cousin and his wife for a lunch simply because I miss some family time. Another reason is because I have been wanting to check out this restaurant I once visited for a wedding.

Located between Thonglor and Ekkamai station, two of the most happening areas of Bangkok, a white two storeys building is a welcoming home (and kitchen) of those passing by. Called “Dinsor Palace”, this place was in face the residence of the royal members from the era of King Rama Five in the 30s. Feel free to read below the brief history of this place.

What’s interesting about this place is how it’s so right there in the middle of the busiest area in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, yet is able to make you feel so peaceful once you settled your feet on the area of the restaurant. It’s probably the green and white combination, or the fact that it’s called the”palace”.

วังดินสอ 6

Once you arrived at the entrance, the restaurant didn’t fail to feed your curiosity with a little history engraved on a piece of stone. Behind that is a small garden full of greens. It’s the most homey palace I have ever seen.


On a nice day, the garden area is perfect for some tea. Unfortunately, it’s way too hot in Thailand for that. I could picture how packed the outside would be if this were in London though.


Once you walked pass the main white architecture, you will be standing in front of the home of the white and black swans. Don’t this remind you of London?


However, since it’s way too hot for me to sit outside, we decided to settle down in the air conditioned room. Luckily, I was seated right next to the window next to Mr. white peacock’s favourite resting place. It was like watching a front roll show for the entire meal.


Let’s talk about food.

For starter, here’s Bourbon Chicken Liver Pate’ 270 THB.


Next, here comes the carb. Spicy Chorizo Pizza for 430 THB.


Next is my favourite: Espresso BBQ Pork Ribs (half), 450 THB.


I added some green to the table since I felt a bit guilty for the pizza and steak. However, since there’s my little nephew at the table, I ordered Whole Leaf Ceasar Salad hoping that he would love it. This dish cost 290 THB.


For drinks, I recommend their “I Love Paris!” because who doesn’t? I apologies for not having photo here sinceI finished it before remembering to take a picture. Anyway, here’s their menu in case you are wondering what else they have.วังดินสอ

This meal is considered reasonably priced, especially if you are from other country where food are more expensive. It was 2k for about 3 people, which is considered very budget friendly for when I was in London. Other than the food, the enjoyable atmosphere and the birds make it a lovely Sunday lunch, especially if you have kids with you. They surely will enjoy it.

It was a simply lovely Sunday.

Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for next cute places to visit in Bangkok, recommended by a local (me).

Written by Contributing Fashion Writer/Illustrator – Mee Jong

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