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Louis Vuitton has been in the luxury travel business for a long time and is  known for its travel trunks catering to the passionate traveler.  If, I could get my hands on a vintage trunk circa 1950 that would be so cool, I would take off on the Orient Express, with only a few bits & pieces and loads of good books.  It is only fitting that today’s hipster voyager wants a few tips on where to go in each city. If you are social media savvy you can send out a message you’re in town to get in touch with a few of the locals who share your ideas on fun.  If not there’ s always the Louis Vuitton City Guides for the Luxury Hipster Traveller.

These City Guides take you through nearly 100 cities across the world and calls on the talents of more than one hundred independent journalists. The Maison also publishes an original collection of travel scrapbooks, illustrated with sketches from renowned artists and watercolorists.

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Think of a city and Louis Vuitton City Guides has a book for you; cities include Mumbai, London, Tokyo, New York, Athens and Rio de Janeiro. Last but not least, since 1994 Louis Vuitton has jointly published travel accounts by great writers in collaboration with La Quinzaine Littéraire: Lawrence Durrell, Annemarie Schwarzenbach, Marguerite Duras, Michel Tournier, Marguerite Yourcenar, Georges Simenon, Henry James, Marcel Proust, Blaise Cendrars, Virginia Woolf and many others.

With a view to sharing its rich heritage with a wider public,Louis Vuitton collaborates on a series of fine books about the Maison in partnership with international publishers (Louis Vuitton: the birth of modern luxury, 2005, Vuitton: the art of the automobile, 2007, The History of the Louis Vuitton Cup, 2008, Louis Vuitton: art, fashion and architecture, 2009, Louis Vuitton, 100 legendary trunks, 2010, Éditions de La Martinière, Louis Vuitton: architecture and interiors, 2011,


Louis Vuitton also offers you the chance to discover online a series of unique short films adapted from its City Guides. Revealed over several months, each video explores a city through an original theme and invites you to discover a few addresses taken from the guide. Take a virtual walk around Saint-Germain-des-Prés, learn the secrets from an authentic mixologist from a New York pro mixing the perfect Manhattan cocktail and more.


On its website and its YouTube video channel, Louis Vuitton guides you through several of the world’s major cities and lets you meet the people behind the City Guide at home, from New York illustrator Ruben Toledo to Milan/Paris-based editor-in-chief Pierre Leonforte.







Bon voyage

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