London Designer To Watch: D’GNAK

by Nejilka

London Designer To Watch: D’GNAK

Every year there’s a designer to watch, and this season my pick is D’GNAK. Although not bred in London, D’GNAK may have found it’s home. With a second season in London under his belt there’s no doubt he’s one to watch.

Kang Dong Jun, of D´GNAK

 London Fashion Week D’GNAK

‘D’GNAK’ Is a Chinese poem that’s been whispered for centuries. It means a spring dream or an empty dream. In other words: It´s like the tendancies of being human and clinging on the past or thinking about memeories that simply we cannot recover or recreate in a parrallel universe. How does this affect on how we live todayyou may think? “Wealth, honour, attempts for a glamorous life, all disappear like a spring dream,” says designer Kang.D.

In this generation, we´re all hypnotised by fame, instagram followers, fast fashion, but this is all temporary. You simply can´t take this with you. All things are temporary, what you leave in this world is what truly represents.

Born and bred in South Korea, and studied at Parsons Design School in NYC, where he then found D’GNAK in 2008. Kang Dong Jun returned to London bringing a collision between streetwear and traditional Korean suits, with a twist of western tailoring. Keeping this Fall/ Winter monochrome to a whole other level. Debuting drawstring trousers I would love to get my hands on, and very well fitted Blazer that cinches at the waist. Perfect unisex collection. I also enjoy the embroidery, bones, skulls appear on some pieces in this new collection. Repentance appears in some of the garments encouraging to seek forgiveness for our vanities.


Images Courtsey of Purple PR

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