Instagram Fashion Brands go offline at LOL Market Bangkok

LOL Market, what’s it’s like to shop fashion from Bangkok’s Flea Markets.

It’s lunch break, my finger automatically scrolls through Instagram feed featuring hundreds of online clothing brands. I’m not sure what it’s like in other countries, but here in Thailand, starting an online clothing brand is so easy. So easy that you will end up seeing numerous stores with the same, or pretty similar, designs and brand concept.

It seems like these young entrepreneurs order their merchants from the same factories, using the same kind of fabric (by which these factories sometimes offers), using a very similar pattern. “Simple”, “Everyday”, “Basics”, “Everyday”, are usually part of their brands’ names. However, despite the lack of creativities in designs, it seems like this is what the market wants.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to trash them. It’s the popular aesthetic here. Thai girls like to look “classic”, “luxurious”, or I would call it “less is more”. It just amazed me for that, after stop surfing the internet for new online stores for a while, I was walking through LOL Market by Lazada and saw so many new stores popped up. The funny thing is I can simply put half of the racks on one side of the market and call it one single brand. That’s how similar many Instagram brands are here in Thailand.

That’s why whenever I see brands that dare to be different, use different Pantone, try a different fabric, or simply have a more experimental brand concept, I do not hesitate to snap a few photos and help promote them through all my channels.

So here are somethings interesting I want to share with you!

Lazada is the biggest online shopping destination in Thailand. It’s the Amazon of South East Asia. This year, they collaborate with LOL Market, one of the flea market events in Bangkok, to bring buyers some brick & mortar experiences as well as promote the website/mobile app itself.

If you are visiting Thailand and hope to have some Thai local shopping experiences, other than JJ Market, shopping on the street, I recommend you to try Instagram shopping! Not sure where to start? Here are a few Instagram accounts I follow to keep myself updated on upcoming markets as well as emerging brands. #LOLMarket


Hope you enjoy this!


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