Live on Now: Interview with 21 Savage

 Interview with 21 Savage

SSENSE travels to Atlanta to interview 21 Savage and talk lyricism, money, and real estate. 21 Savage drops sage advice like not wearing jewellery to stay rich and on rapping what he knows.  My no questions about his relationship sorry guys. You can go shopping instead.

SSENSE Questions the rapper

“No questions about Amber Rose,” 21 Savage’s manager says, and it’s the fourth time I’ve heard it today. We are sitting in a photo studio across the street from the legendary Magic City strip club, surrounded by the bounty of Savage’s rider, which includes copious trays of chicken wings with three different specified glazes. As though on cue, Savage silently floats into the studio looking like the cartoon of himself on the cover of his Gold-certified Issa Album: full Gucci look, corded high-top fade, styrofoam double cup, and a sword tattoo sitting between his piercing stare.

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In conversation, Savage is as frugal with his words as he is in his songs, which are known for their mumbling and repetitive hooks. Speaking in his green room surrounded by a small entourage, he takes seemingly endless pauses before answering each and every question, pouring himself into the winding veins of the blunt he is rolling, before returning back with brutally streamlined answers.

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