First, let me go to Paris.

Now I have a story to tell: remember that time I took a last minute trip to Paris?

A while ago, life was difficult. The dissertation was hitting its deadline, an internship was taking up most of my time, full-time job hunting as an international student in London was boosting my stress level, a relationship that seems soon to be long-distance: all added up and here there was, my mini-midlife crisis.

Good news is I survive.

During that time when I felt like a dark shadow were blocking any light possibly shine on me, that every door was closed, I made a decision to give up on things I wanted the most, hoping I would be happier. Anyhow, after making that decision, I realised that I have been waiting for things to happen to me. I always dream about starting cool projects, interviewing interesting people, visiting places with my friends, but I barely did them. Why? Because I waited. I waited for the ‘right’ time, when I have ‘enough’ money, when ‘someone’ invites me to do so, etc.

That night, I asked myself ‘why wait?’. Yes, why? Why wait for the right time to do it when I can just get up and complete my wish-list. Seeing Paris seems like a dream, a very romantic one. Of course, coming from Asian region, going to Paris usually cost $$$ and it’s family events. It’s not a last-minute trip unless you are someone who owns 10 Hermes bags, 20 Chanel purse, and maybe every collection of Dior Couture. However, since I am already in London, going to Paris is only a few clicks away! I woke up the next morning, put on a trip advisor hat and spent half a day booked everything from accommodation to transportation to writing my itinerary. No more waiting, no more procrastinating to pursue my dream.

The day after, I packed and left London. The main purpose is to learn to be happy while being alone. Isn’t that what you need to be capable of doing as an adult? I spent a lot of time alone, asking myself what exactly I want in life. I might not come home with a concrete answer, but I came back with an inspiring heart. The trip leads me to my very first travel vlog, and now it becomes my hobbies! God has a plan, those tough time and emotional moments bring me to this new hobby that can lead to a career! Stay tuned for more about London, Bangkok…and pretty much everywhere I go, everything I learn, and everything I want to share with the world.

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Written by Contributing Fashion Writer/Illustrator – Mee Jong

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