Time For Your Skin To Press Reset! — Liah Yoo Launches KraveBeauty

Time For Your Skin To Press Reset! — Liah Yoo Launches KraveBeauty

By now you’re probably overwhelmed by K-Beauty 10-step routines, and gimmicky skincare products circulating Al Gores internet. In that case, it might just be time to press reset.

Popular K-Beauty YouTube vlogger and personal favorite of mine Liah Yoo, released KraveBeauty skincare in December of last year. Their motto? “Less is the new more.” So much so, that KraveBeauty’s launch only consisted of a cleanser and chemical exfoliant. I’m forced to keep it simple between my hormonal breakouts and relentless allergies, so I can appreciate the less is more approach. Also, who doesn’t love supporting their YouTube faves?

About Liah Yoo

Liah and I go way back (she’s my friend in my head) to about a year ago, when I had my first brush with adult acne. I binge-watched just about every beauty guru’s skincare video that seemed honest enough *side eye*, and eventually discovered Liah Yoo. Intrigued by her calm vibes, and content like “How To Balance Dehydrated Skin” and “Skin Barrier 101” her breakdown on respecting your skin, I became a fan. She’s also held down a job at Amore Pacific, so homegirl knows a little something-something about the beauty industry. And did I mention she’s only 28 years young? BOSS.

The line.

KraveBeauty presently has two core essentials most skincare routines simply can’t live without — this includes their Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser and Kale-lalu-yAHA Exfoliator. Now if there’s two things millennials love, it’s matcha and kales. Kudos to their marketing team.

Matcha, Matcha me.
The Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser is gentle, fragrance free, and suitable for dry to combination/ oily skin, with a PH of about 5-6. Meaning it’s not too alkaline and you won’t get that squeaky clean feeling afterward. Why matcha? It’s an antioxidant powerhouse, and according to KraveBeauty “we thought it’d be awesome to splash matcha every day on our skin.” Also, the hemp seed addition is well balanced in omega fatty acids, and known for its skin calming properties. Not to mention an ally to oily skin. Shout out to all my oil slicks out there, you are loved. The cleanser quickly became my favorite, and I can be seen here stalking them for the restock on Twitter.

The cleanser has a jelly like texture, and incredible slip. I can’t tell you how satisfying it is to glide your hands over your face every morning and night. Yes, glide. Not all cleansers are made equal. Impressed by how smooth and hydrated my face felt after the first use, I kicked my beloved Whamisa Foaming Cleanser to the curb. Whamisa who? Sorry, don’t know her. Just playing, I love y’all (But, you did get cut. There’s always room for a comeback!)

Since I don’t wear much makeup I can’t attest to its makeup removing properties, however it’s better to use a makeup remover prior to the cleanser. For a 4.5oz tube priced at $16 + shipping (Side note: Outside of South Korea, international shipping isn’t available yet but they’re working on it.) I’d say it’s a pretty good deal if you’re on the hunt for a new gentle cleanser, and tired of *cough cough* Cetaphil. I purchased mines back in mid-January, and haven’t run out yet.

Their Kale-Lalu-yAHA Exfoliator…wait. Did y’all peep the play on “AHA” in the name? Whew, Gen X is shaking. Their 5.25% glycolic acid solution aims to gently resurface the skin with a PH of about 3-4. Key ingredients include: kale, spinach, and don’t forget the parsley. Harpo, where’s my fork? Add some tomatoes, and we could chef up a salad. Jokes aside, the salad serves a purpose. Leafy dark greens are packed with antioxidants, and vitamins that’s said to give your skin an energy boost. It can be used 2-3x a week, or built up to regular use depending on what your skin Krave’s. See what I did there. I suffer from large pores, so I tend to use it on days when my skin is congested and I don’t want to play chemist with TheOrdinary.
If you’re a beginner to AHA’s, I’d highly recommend this. It’s gentle, yet sloughs away dead skin cells and plays nicely with the rest of my skincare routine. This will cost you $25 + shipping. And for the amount of product you get, which is about 6.7 fluid oz. I’d say it’s worth it. I purchased mines back in February and haven’t even began to make a dent. I figure I’ll run out by the time Trump is impeached. Which by the looks of it, should be end-year maybe? Here’s hoping.

What’s Next?

I hear Liah’s working on an SPF *twirls*. It was expected to release this Spring, but now I’m not sure. She recently uploaded “I screwed up the sunscreen….” to YouTube (you can check the video out here) Long story short, the sunscreen can’t be sold in the U.S. due to the U.S. outdated sunscreen regulations. Which personally, I think is a conversation that needs to be had, and soon. It’s no secret European and Asian sunscreens are more advanced and use newer chemical UV filters. The U.S. needs to catch up and hopefully she can find a way around this. Until then I’ll be here, waiting..and enjoying the cleanser. And by the time the sunscreen is released I’m pretty sure I’ll still have some Kale-Lalu-yAHA left.


Candace Lachon is a skincare enthusiast, she’s self-proclaimed as “the biggest foodie that you’ve seen thus far”, a writer, and limited free-spirit. You can catch her on YouTube singing and snacking, or you can keep up with her on Twitter & Instagram.

About the author

Candace Lachon is a skincare enthusiast, she's self-proclaimed as "the biggest foodie that you've seen thus far", a writer, and limited free-spirit. You can catch her on YouTube singing and snacking, or you can keep up with her on Twitter & Instagram.