Old pier turns new hits: Lhong1919 featuring POMELO Fashion

by Mee Jong

LHONG 1919, over 180 years of history, is now a new hip place to visit in Bangkok.

It has been a hit in Thailand recently for Chinese inspired decor/ architecture. From Chinese clubs/bar like Sing Sing on Sukhumvit road and a few more around China Town, people has been snapping red-tinted images from the Chinese style red light for their Instagram stories. So how could us miss the chance to show you another worth visiting place in Bangkok that reflect this trend. We are bringing you to Lhong 1919 today, through a mini fashion set featuring dress from Pomelo Fashion, a leading online fashion store in the region.

Arriving around 4 pm, hoping for some soft orange light, I was mesmerised by how real the Chinese architectures were. Would the ancestors think as we were walking around their previous home? Who would think an old pier/warehouse/shops/ home will become a fashionable scene one day.

We decided to shoot here for a modern Chinese vibe. I picked out a dress that reminds me of Chinese prints and the silhouette of Qipao, a traditional Chinese dress. Let’s just get into the photos because that’s what this post is all about!

Quick disclaimer: the amazing fashion set photos were taken by@knot, the rest (architect/merchandises) were taken by me using a phone camera.

At the back of the building, doesn’t it look just like a scene from a movie?

Lhong 1919

This scene reminded me of a HongKong movie scene, probably because of the river behind.

Adjustable silk straps and metal eyelets: a simple detail that adds a nice touch to the dress.

Red light from the lantern, could it be more Chinese?

Fun fact: this simple blogger walking pose is not easy to accomplish…you have to see the amount of shot we took before we got this photo. It’s was hilarious.

A quick snap with the giant Chinese wall art before the shooting.

Location: Lhong 1919, Bangkok

Dress from: Pomelo Fashion

Bag from: Charles & Keith

Photographer: @knot

Written by Contributing Fashion Writer/Illustrator – Mee Jong

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