Leigh & Luca scarves

With the weather still hovering in the warmer side of things, it’s difficult to pick out one’s back-to-school outfit. Last year, I hadn’t been so cautious and it ended with me caughing my lungs out for two weeks after New York.

On the hunt for something to prolong the delicious feel of summer yet good enough to weather the first chilly breaths of autumn, I stumbled upon a fantastic find straight from NYC: Leigh & Luca scarves.

Leigh & Luca scarves

Leigh & Luca scarves were born of the chance meeting between Aussie entrepreneur Gillian Leigh and Europe-based designer Susann Luca, on the NYC subway, where the science of layering is the only way to ride in a comfortable manner. From that meeting was born this gorgeous range of scarves. As creative director, Susann travels the world in search for inspiration for the designs and the ways to wear them. Abstract, nature-inspired or plain, there’s something for almost everyone.

The scarves themselves are made on antique looms and hand decorated by screen printing (foil, ink or fleece) or embroidery. So they’re wearable pieces of art, as well as limited editions.

Late August, I got my hot little hands on one of both models: the square and the classic.

They’re absolutely perfect.

Lightweight, practical, versatile. Accompanying each scarf is a card to indicate ways to tie the scarf, as well as a refresher on the many uses for the L&L scarves. I’ve taken mine to the beach, up the Pyrenees, on the train… and they’re weathering the travelling quite well.

Where to get these beauties? You could snap them up on but I highly recommend going straight to Leigh & Luca’s website, where the very adorable team will do their absolute best to help you with your order (special thanks to Gayle who helped me track down the nasty postmen that were holding my scarves hostage).

And since then, I have a little slice of my summer souvenirs wrapped around my neck to keep me warm. Ah, bliss.

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