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The eyebrow is a facial component that plays a significant role in optimizing your total makeup look. With different shapes and shades, your eyebrow not only enhances the overall facial features but also can portray different personalities.

Each era has its popular styles of eyebrow such as the thick black eyebrows of Egyptian Pharaohs, the thinly arched brow of Clara Bow in the 20s, or the ultra-high round arches of Jean Harlow in the 30s. Nevertheless, rather than following the eyebrow trends, nowadays it is better to find the personalized eyebrow shape that looks natural plus perfect for your face and personal style.

 The thick black eyebrows of Egyptian Pharaohs                                     Embed from Getty Images

 The thinly arched brow of Clara Bow in the 20s                           Embed from Getty Images

 The ultra-high round arches of Jean Harlow in the 30s                   Embed from Getty Images

Aside from the arches, the color of eyebrows is the key to the natural look. The more it matches the color of your hair, the more natural it presents. Realizing this savoir-fair through the 20 years of experience as a make-up artist, Angélik Iffennecker launched Le Sourcil, the eyebrow cosmetic brand, aims to provide “a large panel of shades that are as rich as a hair colourist and that enables each individual woman to find her own perfect shade, using tailored tools to remodel eyebrows according to their own line, their own density, and colour and to achieve a perfect result.”

It’s the “ tailored ” eyebrow era with a “ no make-up “ spirit; that commands very precise work for a 100% natural effect. – Le Sourcil par Angélik Iffennecker.


The three hero products of Le Sourcil are:

  1. La Brousse (23 EUR) Professional Eyebrow brush for eyebrow grooming
  2. Le Crayon (21 EUR) Eyebrow Pencil available in eleven shades for the natural fit with your hair and complexion colors.
  3. Le Gel (25 EUR) The transparent eyebrow fixing mascara.



Written by Beauty-Editor-at-Large Supapit Saikaew


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