Ladies Night Out| What To Plan for This Holiday Season

Time To Plan Ladies Night Out

It is easy to get into a routine when you are planning nights out with the girls. You can end up always going to the same bar or the same restaurant, and while you still have a good time it can seem as if something is lacking. Whether your next night out is just a catch-up or for a special occasion, the following ideas may be something to consider if you want to try something a little different.


Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are a great way to spend a couple of hours and there will still be time to go for drinks or get something to eat afterward. Your group will be locked in a room and have a certain amount of time to follow clues and try and find the way out. You will need to rely on each other as teamwork is the key to getting out and it is a great way to bond. If you do not make it out then you have the choice of finding out the solution or returning at a later date for another chance.

Time To Plan Ladies Night Out

Visit A Casino


Spending the evening at a casino can be very entertaining and is certainly something different. It is an excuse to get glammed up and try and win a bit of extra money. Playing table games and on the slots can be quite exhilarating and there are games such as poker where you can all play against each other. There are over 700 casino games at EuroPalace that you can play online before you leave to help get you in the mood.

Make It A Big Night In

Getting together with the girls does not to involve actually going out. Pyjama parties do not just need to be for teenagers. Relive your younger days by practicing doing each other’s hair and makeup, and watch films that have your actor crushes in them. All of this can be done while enjoying a few glasses of wine and unlike your teenage years the alcohol will not have to be snuck into the house.

Spa Day

Time To Plan Ladies Night Out

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Rather than heading out on an evening, head to a spa for the day. This is the perfect chance to catch up with your friends while enjoying a bit of pampering. You will feel much more relaxed at the end of the day and it gives you the opportunity to spend some quality time with your friends. This is a great idea if you do not get the chance to get together with your friends all that often because you will have the whole day together.


Cocktail Making

Making cocktails is something of an art form and learning how to do it can be a lot of fun. Cocktail making courses usually last for a couple of hours and you will be taught all you need to know about making the perfect cocktail. At the end of the lesson, you will have the opportunity to sample everyone else’s creations and decide amongst yourself who is the best cocktail maker of the group. You may find that you have a talent as a mixologist that has been hidden for all these years.

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