5 Steps Hair Products for Summer Vacation Hair with label.m Anti-Frizz Collection

by Charlotte Smith

label.m Helps Fight the Frizz

I have literally been on the road since early June. This summer has definitely been a sizzler.  My hair care products travel with me and the five steps I carry are the label.m Anti-Frizz Collection.  Before leaving again I stopped at  Scissorhands London for a Keratin Treatment and these products get me through my summer hair highs and lows. 

With my hair, believe it or not, does not need that much oil.  Just a drop here and there.  I relish the label.m products because if I use all five in the collection I can wear my hair straight and curly whenever I want.  They help maintain my color, softness, and style curly or straight.  While doing my hair on my own still gives me that salon finish.

Step One: Cleanse Condition Treat

Scissorhands London| One of the best salons  for the Keratin Treatment

I love to drop into neighborhood salons after I have already washed my hair with the Anti-Frizz collection. Because it also has no sulfate. Many shampoos can make your hair feel dry after using but not the Anti-Frizz Shampoo.

label.m Anti-Frizz Collection| The 5 Steps Hair Products for Summer Vacation Hair

The Lightweight shampoo nourishes and smoothes, taming frizz and flyaways, for softer more controlled straight and silky hair.  Directions: Apply to wet hair, massage gently and rinse. 300ml, RRP £14.95 | €16.99

Step Two  #Fightthefrizz

For my hair, a good conditioner is always key, especially on vacation.   Because I also color my hair, plus the sun and if I go to a beach or a pool the next to steps are crucial to me not damaging my hair.  This conditioner smells nice and helps to also, detangle and smooth my hair down.  It tames my hair for longer-lasting straight and silky styles.  ANTI-FRIZZ Conditioner 250ml, RRP £17.50 | €19.99

ANTI-FRIZZ Mask is Frizz controlling and detangling rinse-out treatment for extra coarse and hard to tame hair.
For longer-lasting frizz-free and silky hair. Directions: Apply on towel dried hair. Leave in for 5 minutes then rinse thoroughly. 200ml, RRP £18.95 | €20.99

label.m Anti-Frizz Collection| The 5 Steps Hair Products for Summer Vacation Hair

Step Three Before You put heat

Now it’s time to get prepared to put heat on my hair or keep the bounce in my curls. It is always a good idea to have a heat protecting spray on your hair before you turn on the blow dryer. Then ANTI-FRIZZ Mist it prepares the hair for the damaging heat.  I normally only put heat on my hair once a week.

The Fine mist primes the hair for up to 35%  faster blow-dries, with heat protection, anti-frizz and split-end repairing properties for smooth hair with improved manageability.  Just what my hair needs, since my ends are bleached.  I need to cut my ends. Directions: Shake can well. Spray onto towel-dried hair from a distance of15 cm before blow-drying. Use on dry hair to smooth flyaways. 150ml, RRP £17.50 | €19.99

label.m Anti-Frizz Collection| The 5 Steps Hair Products for Summer Vacation Hair

Step Four Tame the mane

Time for more cream to keep the hair down. The Anti ANTI-FRIZZ Cream is great if you are attempting to battle the humidity and the heat.  I use it when I want to keep my hair curly and wavy for the wet look.  Or when I am going to put more heat on my hair after a blow dry.

It is super for all hair types it’s moisturizing and repairing nutrient-rich leave-in treatment delivers intense hydration and restores the hair structure. For strengthened, frizz-free and healthy-looking hair with amazing shine.  It is also good for an after the pool or beach wet look.  Just style as usual. Use on dry hair for instant conditioning and shine.
150ml, RRP £17.50 | €19.99

Step Five

The ANTI-FRIZZ Balm step five is one of the most important the balm keeps it all together. It relaxes coarse, thick and unruly hair, sealing the cuticle for frizz-free styles. Heat activated formula delivers humidity resistant smoothness and frizz blocking performance without depriving hair of its natural body and volume. Directions: Apply a small amount evenly through towel dried
hair. For best results, blow-dry in sections. 150ml, RRP £17.50 | €19.99

Follow this step with  ANTI-FRIZZ Lotion Frizz controlling and nourishing leave-in treatment for longer-lasting straight, controlled and silky hair.  It is non-greasy and sticky key for me. I always feel I need that extra hair care lotion for my hair.  I have been terrified by frizz since high school.  You know how mean girls can be about hair.
Directions: Apply a few drops on towel dried hair. Can be used on dry hair to smooth flyaways.
50ml, RRP £15.95 | €17.99

Try some of my secrets and tell us what you think below.  I am very particular about my hair and I have been using the label.m Anti-Frizz Collection products since May.  It is literally gold for my summer hair.  I have not had a bad hair day since the windy days in May.


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