KTSE : Teyana Taylor the expected come back !

by Shawna Montout

After nearly 5 years of absence on the music scene, Teyana Taylor came back with a new album. And we are talking about it on StyleCartel.com.

Teyana Taylor, You may have heard about her or seen her. Yes! She is the “Fade” girl. But to R’n’B lovers, she was known years before this music video. This album was one of the most wanted, a lot of people were waiting for it. there were a lot of expectations. On social media, a lot of celebrities were showing love to K.T.S.E.

The album is good that’s a fact! Teyana Taylor is serving vocals as usual and she had the opportunity to show that she is still here and she will not leave any time soon! In several songs, we hear the Kanye West touch. It is R’n’B yes but even though there was a lot a love showing on social media some fans were expecting something a bit different. On Twitter, people were complaining about the fact that the album was too short. Others were expecting something more R’nB ‘ish.

Teyana Taylor’s opinion

In an interview she made, Teyana clearly said that she was a little disappointed. On a particular song, “Never Would Have Made It” two verses were cut and she was hurt because it was a very personal song, she was talking about her daughter, Junie, and her mom. And no one told her that they were about to cut those. Another thing that she wasn’t happy with, is the fact that the album was only 22 minutes long. She said that she couldn’t afford to do this after 5 years of not making music.

After the interviews where she expressed her feelings towards the album. People thought that she didn’t like her album. But she cleared the air through Instagram with a post in which she sets the record straight.

Teyana Taylor




We know that an extended version of the album is coming. There is going to be visuals and WE KNOW that it is going to be FIRE! There are also rumors that the singer will collabs with Janet Jackson and we can’t wait to see if it’s true but you know that we are here for it!

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