Knixteen The Best Holiday Gift Idea for a Teen Girl

Knixteen  Gift Idea for a Teen Girl

I pride myself on being the best Auntie. I am that cool aunt who you can talk to with no judgment, just advice.  As I set out to go shopping for Knixteen for all the little princesses in my life, I think what does every girl need and want?

Period panties: when you first become women it may be the most difficult adjustment of your life.

Knixteen The Best Holiday Gift Idea for a Teen Girl

Titi Leila as I am called to the rescue this holiday season with the best gift ideas for all my little caterpillars. I wish they had these when I was a kid because I was literally a mess when I first started having my menstrual cycle.  The items at Knixteen will make me reigning queen this holiday season.

Knixteen Underwear

I have three nieces and two are getting to the age, where we need to have that talk. Sometimes the best time is the holiday season to have the talk.  I like to make it fun and tell my own tale for the first time.  I can remember being in the park with my favorite pair of white skinny jeans, and the look on my best friends face when she noticed the stains.

Knixteen The Best Holiday Gift Idea for a Teen Girl

I thought I just had a stomach ache.  Know one had the talk with me that I was turning into a butterfly.  That is why I have no problem having the talk with the young ladies in my life.  Especially when I have back up and come bearing gifts for Knixteen.  I also share my tips on how to get blood stains out the easy way.  Run and scrub your underwear with cold water not hot.


Knixteen have created ‘Oh-No’ Proof Underwear because they believe your period shouldn’t stop you from doing awesome stuff. They are your backup protection against inevitable leaks, odor, and moisture, meaning you can stay confident no matter what time of the month it is. Whether you’re bringing your period to school, the big soccer game, the movies, or a sleepover – bring us too.


I wish they had these when I was a kid.  I was one of those girls who’s world stop because of her period and my first experience of having an accident.

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