Kérastase Sea Salt Spray Review

Kérastase Sea Salt Spray

Kérastase Sea Salt Spray

Kérastase is one of the luxurious haircare brands. All the hairstylist approve its good quality. If compare with other hair care brands, it definitely has higher price. Though, it worths the price to pay.  Once after washing the hair, you spray it onto the ends of your hair and scrunch it a little. If you hair dry it in winter, you can style it out however you want to. During summer, it is always easier to dry your hair out under sun. Mostly, hair looks more natural  and Kérastase Sea Salt Spray has another good part: it also holds the hair in the way you style them. So basically, you do not need to use another hair style holder and pay another amount of money.

I have tried some other brands as well. They did not satisfy me as much as Kérastase did unfortunately. My personal preference of sea salt sprays would be this one, definitely. I recommend everybody to buy the product and use it. Even if you have very straight, sticky hair, you would get a good result out of this product. Its chemical structure is very strong that it changes the way hair naturally goes while styling it after shower.


The link down below could also help you about how-to-style your hair with the product:


P.S I try products but for more economic options, you could find DIY recipes to make your own sea salt spray. Obviously, professionals and scientists work a lot on these kind of products to make them become “the best” and “better” in their own range of products. However, there are always other options to try depending on what you are looking for and what your criteria are. So, my suggestion to you guys is please, do not stick on one thing. Go out there and try to find what really works for you. Do not forget to share with us as well!







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