Keeping Up Appearances Is Easy With Dr. Ip Our Q & A

by Philipp Ueberfellner

Keeping Up Appearances

We sat down with premier board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Ip for some expert advice.  As much pride as we may take in our meticulous skincare regimes, there come a point when we have to face the fact that a good moisturizer alone may not be enough (anymore).  I’ve always been of the persuasion that it’s best to start early with gentler procedures/treatments to keep those lines etc at bay. But sometimes it’s hard to take that first step and figure out where to turn and what to get done.
Keeping Up Appearances Is Easy With Dr. Ip Our Q & A

 Dr. Ip Our Q & A 

  1. Q: Would you agree that it is better to start early with gentler procedures like lasers, Botox etc. to maintain/delay certain signs of aging? And if so, what at what age do you think it’s reasonable to start looking into those things?

A: It has to be judged on a case-by-case basis, but Botox, lasers and gentler procedures of the like can definitely be used to delay certain signs of aging. Botox, in particular, can be used as a great pre-wrinkle defense mechanism. As we age, wrinkles and fine lines become deeper, making them increasingly difficult to get rid of and prevent. With relaxed muscles, through the use of Botox, maintaining a more youthful appearance is possible. I think it is reasonable to start looking into gentler cosmetic procedures in an individual’s mid – late 20s but it is always case-by-case.

  1. Q: Have you noticed any trends/changing aesthetic in what people are looking for?

A: Most recently I’ve learned about new fillers that are designed for particular areas of the face; instead of just general “Botox,” there are products and procedures being released and requested such as Restylane’s Refyne and Defyne, specifically targeting smile and laugh lines. Patients are seeking smoother, more natural looking features than in 2016, so rather than plumping up features, products will be used to smooth areas. Patients are also interested in procedures, commonly referred to as “lunchtime nip and tuck,” with minimal recovery time.

  1. Q: What should people consider or look out for when seeking out/choosing treatments and doctors?

A: When exploring treatments and doctors, no detail should be left unturned. Every body is different, which means every patient is different and treatments and procedures may have to be modified or performed accordingly. Something I always stress with my patients is the importance of letting me know of any allergies. A great deal of research and learning about the treatment(s) of interest is important, as is ensuring your doctor is a certified specialist. Reviews can also be of great help to review the experiences of other patients.

Keeping Up Appearances Is Easy With Dr. Ip Our Q & A
  1. Q: Are there any new treatments/treatment methods that you would deem exciting and/or recommend?

A: The top five plastic surgical procedures in 2016 in order of popularity is still Breast Augmentation, Rhinoplasty, Liposuction, Eyelid Surgery, and Facelift surgery. The non-surgical procedures like BOTOX and fillers (Juvederm) are still very popular. However, the procedure which has the biggest increase in number by percentage is buttocks enhancement with fat.  The trend of fat transfer has grown tremendously in recent years. Fat transfer can be and has been used in all areas of the body. (face, breast, body, and hands). When done properly it will last and not melt away.

  1. Q: Any words of advice for people who feel nervous or afraid to take that first step and come in for a consultation?

A: Clients should not be afraid to come in for a consultation; it is only a meeting that will help them make a decision about whether or not to proceed with a treatment. Our goal is to put each potential patient at ease and answer any questions they may have.

Dr. Ip has been practicing for almost 20 years and specializes in surgical and some non surgical procedures of the breast, body and face.
He is based in Newport Beach, CA, but makes weekly trips up to his Beverly Hills office and and monthly trips to the New York practice.
The best way to get in touch with him is by calling the offices (949.548,0300 for Newport Beach,310.839.0776 for Beverly Hills and 855.742.8800 for New York) or visiting the for more information.

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