KARL LAGERFELD for shu uemura

by Charlotte Smith

KARL LAGERFELD for shu uemura

KARL LAGERFELD continues to brand himself as a jack-of-all-trades.  What can’t the man do at this point he is unstoppable.   Now he collaborates with shu uemura for the holiday collection for 2012 under the name KARL LAGERFELD for shu uemura.  The have had a 20+ years of admiration for each other on both sides.


KARL LAGERFELD for shu uemura

Mr Shu Uemura with his artful hands and revolutionary vision has transformed the image of women withh is line of cosmetics.  Makeup is an art form according to Mr Shu Uemura  and he talkes to women via this medium called  makeup.  Now mix that with the talents of KARL LAGERFELD the master of fashion design, photography,  pure vision, and you have KARL LAGERFELD for shu uemura.

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“ I design with shu uemura make-up because other manufacturers do not offer such beautiful colours.” KARL LAGERFELD


Did you know KARL LAGERFELD has been using for shu uemura eye shadows for two decades to illustrate his fashion sketches. Now it only makes since to add to the history of KARL LAGERFELD to create an entire collection in homage to the brand and colour selection.  The packaging is entirely designed by Karl too. To top it of he also photographed the visual campaign.


Here is to a Karl holiday in July.



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