Jūsu Brothers Resturant Review: Good Food & Family Friendly 

by Charlotte Smith

Jusu Brothers Westbourne Grove

I have been eating healthy for the last 2 years.  I have to admit one week I am hardcore vegan and the next week I am a pescatarian.  Since moving to the Knotting Hill neighbourhood of London I have been on the search for great date night spots and places I can hang out with my nieces and nephews.  We head to Jūsu Brothers this week.

One of them wants to be a blogger like me so for her birthday we took Sofia to Jūsu Brothers Resturant to review the menu and test out how family friend the venue is. 

Jusu Brothers Resturant Review: Good Food & Family Friendly 

But I absolutely do not miss eating meat.  I do crave soul food sometimes like Fried chicken or Jerk chicken are missed.   

Jusu Brothers is a superfood ~Pan-Asian eatery and soothing juice bar that offers a wide range of organic bites and juices.  The Japanese energy consistent throughout the stylish hip hangout makes you want to eat, drink and be merry for hours on end.  Babes, kids and dogs are welcomed with a smile from the laid-back staff and clientele.

It actually reminds me of being in Paris.  We Parisians dine late with kids and our dogs.  The place is also packed with Frenchies, on the night we dined, I was able to practice my french with our dining neighbours and chill as if we were in Paris.

Jusu Brothers Resturant Review: Good Food & Family Friendly 

My niece Sofia set out to document our evening, watch the Sushi chief make our sushi plater and pet the cute dog at the next table.  We had an amazing night.  One of the guests asked if they could talk a picture of us, but Sofia said ‘ No I got it I am a photographer and Youtuber.’ Bless her she is only 10! 

Jusu Brothers Resturant Review: Good Food & Family Friendly 

Jusu Brothers Resturant Review


It was also an evening of trying new things with kids this Aunty is known for nights out like this. Of course, we started with some healthy cocktails.  Sofia stuck to the basic strawberry juice, while Mumm and I went for a Green with Attitude with Spinach, celery, fuji apple and the Marrakesh Express with  Fresh Mint, Orange, Agave.  Thinking about it now makes we want to run down the block for a bougie smoothie. Don’t judge I don’t have a juicer yet.

Jusu Brothers Resturant Review: Good Food & Family Friendly 

We were all starving by the time we arrived so a starter was a must. Another reason we went to Jusu Brothers is that Sofia’s mom had been craving Sushi and has you know I am bougie, so I cannot eat fast food sushi.  What we adored about the restaurant is that we can watch the Sushi chief  Akira make our Mixed Sushi platter.  It would be the first time our clan ever tasted eel. The platter consisted of a Choice of Maki (6 pieces), Choice of Uramaki (6 pieces), Choice of Nigiri (6 pieces).  It disappeared quickly!  We thanked the waiter Mirek for his suggestion. 

Jusu Brothers Resturant Review: Good Food & Family Friendly 

Good Food & Family Friendly in Westbourne Grove

Jusu Brothers Resturant Review: Good Food & Family Friendly 

Then we moved on to our mains.  We are the sharing kind so we order the Chicken Teriyaki (Se) (So). Chicken, seasonal vegetables, rice, sesame seeds, soya.  The rice was so delectable we order more! I tasted a small piece of chicken that was perfectly seasoned for my palate and the ladies finished it off. One taste was enough for me to recommend the tapas-sized portion. I was devouring my Ramen of the Week with shrimps/prawns in them.  I think you can never go wrong with Ramen.

Jusu Brothers Resturant Review: Good Food & Family Friendly 

After we decided to check out the decor more and explore the environment and kitchen. It was picture time and play time.  After our adventure, the cute waiter treated us to a Strawberry Cheese Cake (Ve) (R) (N) made with Brazil nuts, raisins, dates, lemon, cashews, agave nectar, strawberries, coconut milk, coconut oil, vanilla, berry jam, raspberriesSofia’s image captures how good it was.  The ingredients alone should make your mouth water.

As you can see Sofia is ready to blog and be a foodie.  We had such a good time on our ladies night we treated Ms Sofi to Winter Wonderland where we continued the evening of fun after being well fed.  If you have not tried this little hot spot in East London we highly recommend grabbing a table with the kids, the girls or your dog to enjoy the atmosphere, staff and healthy food.

Jūsu Brothers Remedy For The Soul. Japanese inspired healthy eatery & juice bar in Notting Hill 🍶 Weds – Fri 8:00 am – 23:00 pm & Sat – Tues 8:00am – 18:00pm 🌿www.jusubrothers.com

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