Joey Bada$$ All-Amerikkkan Bada$$ | Concert In Paris

Joey Bada$$ All-Amerikkkan Bada$$

StyleCartel has much love for Mr. Joey Bada$$.  We had a wonderful time this past November at Elysée Montmartre seeing Joey Bada$$ in concert performing his sophomore debut album All-Amerikkkan Bada$$; this album being quite significant, as he addresses social and political issues going on today in the USA.

Joey has always been expressive about his views on society and expressing his experience in life as a young black man in America. On his 1999 mixtape that dropped in 2012 Joey introduced himself (along with some fellow artists from Pro Era collective) with an old-school Brooklyn sound. 1999 brought back boom bap rap from a high school kid lyricist with an old soul. There are even some repurposed beats from Dill, MF Doom and others. Critics loved the young rappers refreshing throwback sound and it got great reviews. Pro Era’s (Progressive Era) Capital Steez (rest in peace) dropped Amerikkkan Korruption that same year and both mix tapes caught a lot of attention from the underground hip-hop scene. Earlier that year Pro Era had just signed with Cinematic Music Group.


Joey Bada$$ Concert Paris

Early 2014 Joey Bada$$ released his debut album B4.Da.$$ which also reached #5 on the Billboards 200. Joey had already been touring for the past two years thus taking his fan base to another level which was great preparation promoting wise for B4.Da.$$. This album leaned more towards conscious rap, thus pushing his reputation as a conscious rapper to another level and grabbing the attention of many.

Joey in Balenciaga at Elysée Montmartre, Paris

This year with All-Amerikkkan Bada$$ Joey logically presented the world with the truth to what’s going on in the United States through his music. He expressed in an interview how his reading really inspired him to be vocal and speak out about the injustice going on in the USA today. In an interview, Joey stated that he came across a quote by Marcus Garvey that truly inspired this album, “What you do today that is worthwhile, inspires others to act at some future time.” He took this album and made a grand statement on the major problems that deserve to be addressed in our society today. Quite refreshing to hear such a melodic hip-hop album with a strong positive moral take on the world. All-Amerikkkan Bada$$ was received well-ranking #5 on the Billboard 200s like his freshman debut album (B4.Da.$$).

Paris welcomed Joey Bada$$ and fellow artists that were also on this tour with open arms! There was a wonderful eager and welcoming energy at the newly renovated Elysée Montmartre venue. Regardless of the strong political stance, this album had fans loved and supported it, which was very visible at his show. Very uplifting to see so many be unified over a common love of music and want for a better society. I hope Joey continues to move the youth with his conscious rap and motivate the next generation towards positive change. Continue creating music for positive constructive thinkers and the world, and for everyone to receive it with open receptive loving arms. Thank you, Pro Era for having StyleCartel, such a wonderful concert.

Crowd at Elysée Montmartre Paris for the Joey Bada$$ concert

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