Jo Hansford Salon Review| One of the Best London Salons for  Hair Colour

by Charlotte Smith

Jo Hansford Salon Review

I decided to go red a few years ago.  My latest hair hotspot is the Jo Hansford Salon.  I guess you can blame it on Rihanna.  She taught me that redbone girls, look great with red hair. I like to stay red because it makes my freckles stand out.  After trying many neighbourhood salons, I cannot go that route anymore.  I have become a hair salon snob. I have to admit the only people I let color my hair now are high end salons like Jo Hansford, legendary colourist to the stars like Gwyneth and Nigella.


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If I had to talk about my hair diaries, I would have to say some colorist get it and some just make my hair look like sour grapes. Which is not good at all.  I want that Rihanna Red! When I walked in the salon, I showed them the picture of the songstress, sporting her red hair.  At the salon I was meet by colorist Louisa Moore, who looked at the picture and said no problem.  We can achieve that in about 45 minutes. I was delighted.  The salon caterer’s to all different hair types. 

 One of the Best London Salons for  Hair Colour

Not only was I happy with my color when I left, I felted like family by the level of services that was given at the salon.  The atmosphere at Jo Hansford, was astounding.  They have their own tribe of different talent and clients.  You will find hair stylist from young to old, and the client base is the same. I was surrounded by women who were embracing their gray, to young mothers who wanted to get their groove back.  Love it!

Jo Hansford Salon Review| One of the Best London Salons for  Hair Colour

My own experience with both colorist Louisa Moore and Michaela Olivia who styled my hair was amazing.  We were like Besties once I sat in their chair. These ladies know what to do with a mixed race girls hair. I have a Brazilian keratin treatment for my hair, so knew how to take care of it and what to do. Luckily the in house Jo Hansford products have no sulfate in them.

At the exclusive Mayfair salon, the skilled hair colourists and top stylists exceed expectation. What is so beautifully manifested here can be hard to recreate at home. Until now! In the range of ten covetable shampoos, conditioners and treatment products, Jo’s expertise is bottled and blended with high-performance extracts.

Jo Hansford Salon Review| One of the Best London Salons for  Hair Colour

Expert Colour Care is 100% paraben and sulphate free, developed in the UK using a mix of traditional ingredients with proven benefits, alongside those that are technically advanced. Each extract is carefully sourced and selected for its properties, whether to improve strength, provide sheen or pump up the volume. Discover Sweet Blue Lupin that ensures long-lasting radiance and Sunflower Seed Extract that promotes healthy looking hair. In addition, a host of natural oils such as Argan, Pomegranate and Jojoba work to nourish, smooth and bring covetable sheen. Every product holds the secret to beautiful hair.


In the end I went home with the ANTI-FRIZZ SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER. The ingredients in the shampoo and conditioner is a blend of Quanterium-80 with Guar Gum, conditioning marvels that thoroughly hydrate while protecting against humidity and reducing electrostatic charge. At the heart of the conditioner, nourishing Pomegranate Seed Oil provides a shot of intensive moisture to give improvement in the overall structure. Together these taming professionals will guard against hair’s biggest nemesis – frizz!

Jo Hansford Salon Review| One of the Best London Salons for  Hair Colour

I also nabbed a bottle of the ILLUMINOIL.  This exquisite oil, blending intensively moisturising rare extracts and traditional ingredients respected for their hydrating properties, will address a myriad of concerns. The nourishing combination of Argan,Jojoba, Pomegranate and Almond Oils revitalises dry, tangled and flyaway hair while protecting against colour-fade.  Lustre is restored, damage repaired and protection from free radicals and UV rays is ensured. Use this versatile product as a finishing touch to smooth and tame, before blow-drying to prevent frizz and leave hair silky smooth, as an intensive treatment after shampooing to repair dry hair,or as a soothing overnight scalp treatment.

Jo Hansford Salon Review| One of the Best London Salons for  Hair Colour

My hair does not need this much help because of the Brazilian Keratin treatment I use, but it cannot hurt it. Happy to report I left with a smile, and ready to live my “ Wild Wild Thoughts Summer” with a fresh color job from Jo and her wonderful staff. They just got a new influencer client who will definitely come back for a repeat visit. I recommend booking and appointment and spending the afternoon, getting full serviced. They have a healthy menu, great juices and everything a women needs to get ready for a night on the town.  Which includes, waxing,facials manicures and pedicures.


Set over two floors, it’s modern and glossy with hi tech hair drying machines.Mindful of the busy schedules of her clients (those Louboutins aren’t going to buy themselves), the salon opens at 8.30am, and there is a brilliant menu of healthy, very fresh meals made in the in-house kitchen so you can eat while you’re treated.Bonne Seance.

Jo Hansford Salon Review| One of the Best London Salons for  Hair Colour

Jo Hansford Salon Review

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