JJ Market: Bangkok’s Shopping destination

JJ Market: Bangkok’s Shopping destination

by Mee Jong

Even the local shops here.

Yes it’s true. JJ market, aka Chatuchak Market is known for being the ultimate shopping destination in Bangkok. From low-priced-independent clothing brands to iconic coconut ice-cream, this weekend market is truly a must visit destination. The only drawback would be how hot it can get during summer, which is pretty much the entire year here in Thailand.

What’s so special about this market is that it’s only open during weekend and part of the market merchandise pets (which is quite sad) and plants during the weekdays. Whenever you need a Thai style souvenir, local street brands, oldies, handmade home decor, or just an afternoon of inspiration, JJ market is ready for you.

For StyleCartel readers, here’s the tips to shop for trendy designs here at JJ Market. As a local, I recommend you to take an MRT (underground) train to Kampang Phet station, instead of Chatuchak Market Station. Why? Because by getting off at Kampang Phet station, you will be right inside the market, next to the trendy fashion section. Once you leave the station, turn to your right and you will see a very happening second hand store.

This is what it looks like.

JJ Market

Facing the store, you will see a small alley the left and that’s where you would love to go. There are about three rolls of shops at the back of that area with nice walkways, shades from the trees and even air-conditioner from the shops. The area is called “Klong Kan Song” which literally means “the second section”. It’s like another world compare to the sunny main street of JJ Market.

What’s the most current trends you can expect to see here? Well, Thai fashion scene is known for two style; “Casual summer” since it’s summer all year round or “Soft and sweet”, I would say.

Jj Market

A T-shirt store selling super soft t-shirts from 80 THB. to 150 THB.

Vintage vibe for the gentlemen

A little bit further down the street, here are lace tote bag from “Da Monkey Be Fine”, 200 THB each


You can easily find chic summer looks from super soft t-shirts to ripped short denims to off-shoulder tops that cost you less than 200 baht each. The prices may go up a little bit for more formal night outs or work outfits.

Well made outfits for work. (higher price points)

Jj Market

Handmade leather goods from VARA

Tiny trees for your working desk

Let’s talk about food. Here’s are two of many must try bites at JJ market.

Must try Thai Coconut ice-cream

Thai style crepe with a twist, adding Charcoal power to the crispy crepe

The making of my charcoal crepe

The bar in between all the clothing store

So before I end this post, let’s wrap up how fun the shopping was. Here’s everything I got within the total of 40 GBP (approximately): (from top to bottom) 3 super soft T-shirts, 1 off-shoulder white top with tiny flower prints, 2 lace totebags, 1 black lace bralette, 1 nude tube bra, 1 set of baby outfit in navy for my nephew, a pair of white ripped shorts, a pair of blue denim shorts, a fluffy arm top (folded in half) and lastly, a pair of white sneakers.

If you are visiting Thailand, don’t forget to check out JJ Markets. I’m sure it’s an experience worth having.

Enjoy shopping!

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