Jennifer Fisher Launches The Curry Salt


As you may have hard, the jewelry brand Jennifer Fisher has its own universal salt originally made for breakfast. The salt contains no garlic nor onion inside. Specifically made for Jennifer Fisher’s famous poached eggs, the salt became a highly-demanded product adding a new range of products into the business. And now here we are, being able to have the new flavored salt.

Jennifer Fisher Curry Salt!

The new product of JF’s condiment line is JF Curry Salt. Taking it into consideration as a new option for our traditional table salt. The aromatic blend soaked in flavor is going to amaze your tongues. Your meal is getting more and more delicious! JF, herself says,“In thinking about a follow up to our classic Jennifer Fisher Universal Salt, I wanted a savory addition that could still be a universal seasoning but something that would amplify and broaden flavor.”

Interestingly, having a condiment line additional to its beautiful jewelry pieces, it seems that the brand is also very successful at this range as well. On social media, the universal salt has been highly-demanded by brands’ loyal followers and clients. We definitely cannot wait to try what comes next under Jennifer Fisher name!

 Jennifer Fisher Curry Salt Ingredients: Kosher Salt, Japanese Yellow Curry Powder, Organic Dried Cilantro, Organic Crushed Chili Pepper, Black Pepper


You can get both salts from the links down below:




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